Updating the Software on your SpotOn Collar (MAC)

Follow the instructions below to update your software to the newest version. This latest release improves accuracy of battery life status, removes corruptible data, and updates algorithms that improve GPS accuracy.

Mac Installer

Download the Installer | Download the Software package | Click here for a printable version of these instructions

1.) Download the SpotOn Mac Installer .ZIP.

2.) Download the latest SpotOn collar software.

3.) Unzip the SpotOn Mac Installer .ZIP file to a location you can easily remember and to which you can easily navigate.

4.) Unzip the SpotOn collar software .ZIP file to a location you can easily remember and to which you can easily navigate.

5.) Run the file SpotOn_Installer_MacOS_0.x.xxxx-Release.dmg

The following pop-up window will appear: Drag the OnPointCollarUpgrade into your “Applications” folder.


Once you drag the upgrade into the Applications folder, the following window will appear:

Click Open.

Once the program is installed, you should be able to find the application in your Applications folder:

SpotOn Collar Software Upgrade
1.) Connect your SpotOn collar using the micro USB cable provided in your SpotOn collar kit.
2.) Turn on your SpotOn collar.
3.) Run the OnPointCollarUpgrade application.
4.) Click Load File and find the SpotOn software file previously downloaded and select “Open” - enc_firmware_1.0.xxxx-release.dfu


5.) Holding your SpotOn collar, prepare it to be programmed by navigating the menu:
a. System
b. Upgrade System
c. Yes

6.) When the computer identifies the collar, the Program Collar button will appear (This may take up to 20 seconds). Click Program Collar.

Wait for the programming to finish.

Once the programming is complete, select Reboot on your SpotOn collar and charge it to 100%.

Note: A full power recycle may be needed before the changes take place.

You are now done upgrading your SpotOn Collar!