Updating the Software on your SpotOn Collar (MAC)


Update your Collar on a MAC

Step 1  |  Download the Mac Installer

To complete a software upgrade you’ll need to download and install the Mac Installer. Already have the Mac Installer from a previous software upgrade? Open the OnPointCollarUpgrade in your Applications folder and skip ahead to Step 2.

      A.  Download the SpotOn Mac Installer .ZIP (select “Download”).
      B. Open your “Downloads” folder

      C. Double-click to unzip the zipped “SpotOn_Installer” folder

      D. Double-click on the “SpotOn_Installer” file

      E. Drag the OnPointCollarUpgrade icon in to your “Applications” folder

      F. Open the “Applications” folder

      G. Select the “OnPointCollarUpgrade” file

      H. Select “Open”

Step 2  |  Download the new SpotOn Software File

      A. Download the latest SpotOn Software file for your collar (select “Download”)

Step 3  |  Upgrade your SpotOn Collar

      A. Turn on your SpotOn collar (if not already on)
      B. Connect your SpotOn collar to your computer with the SpotOn data/charging cable
      C. On your collar:
               a. Select “System” from the home screen
               b. Select “Upgrade System”
               c. Select “Yes” to confirm
      D. On your computer, select “Load File” from the “OnPoint Collar Firmware Upgrade” window

      E. Select the “Downloads” folder

      F. Select the “ENC_Firmware_PC” file downloaded in Step 2

      G. Select “Open” from the “Collar Upgrade Image File”

      H. Wait for the “OnPoint Collar Firmware Upgrade” window to say “Collar Connected. Press “Program Collar” to begin.”

      I. Select “Program Collar” from the “OnPoint Collar Firmware Upgrade” window

      J. Wait for the “OnPoint Collar Firmware Upgrade” window to say “Upgrade successful!!! Reboot Collar”

NOTE: Firefox users will see the folder in the upper right-hand corner

      K. On your collar, select “Reboot”