Getting Started with the SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence System – Tips & Tricks to Set Up Your Wireless GPS Fence

SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence

Congratulations and welcome to the SpotOn family!

To help you and your four-legged friend get started on a lifetime of adventures together, we’ve rounded up some of the best tips and tricks for using the SpotOn system. While your collar is charging to 100%, you can get started by registering your collar and activating tracking.

Register the collar: Each collar needs to be registered before you can create your first map.

  • Download the SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence app to your smartphone
  • Open the app and create a new account
  • Register your collar

Activate 60 days of free Connectivity/Tracking:

This optional feature costs $6.95 a month after the promotional period expires. Connectivity gives you access to additional features within the SpotOn app, notifies you if your dog leaves containment and immediately begins tracking your dog.

Not ready to activate tracking? No problem. You’ll still be able to use the SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence as a containment solution for your furry friend and you can activate tracking at any time in the future. Did you receive a notification in the app that your “Collar is turned off” but your collar is on? That’s because your collar requires a cellular connection, established when you activate tracking, to communicate with certain features of the app.  We’ll explain below!

The difference between a GPS Fix & Cellular Connectivity

SpotOn Invisible Fence SpotOn Invisible Fence



The SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence is a GPS-based system so there’s no need for buried wires, base stations or professional installation. Simply acquire a GPS fix with the collar, create a custom map and select Activate! You do not need to have cellular connectivity in order to use the SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence as a containment system for your dog.

Tracking is an optional feature you can activate for a monthly fee of $6.95. Why the fee? Think of your collar as a phone for your dog and the fee as his cellphone plan. Should your dog escape containment, the collar requires a cellular connection in order to track your pet. As long as your smartphone has cell service and the collar has cell service, you can track you dog.


App Features with Tracking:


app features | tracking activated | spoton virtual smart fence


gps spoton virtual smart fence




custom maps spoton virtual smart fence

Custom Named Maps



name and number spoton virtual smart fence

Name & Phone Number on Collar Display

 battery life spoton virtual smart fence

Battery Life

 tracking spot on virtual smart fence

Tracking updates every 6 Seconds

 google driving direction spoton virtual smart fence

Google Driving Directions

 compass mode spoton virtual smart fence

Compass Mode for Trails & Woods



Creating Your First Map

Collar is 100% charged | Fido is indoors | Training flags are in hand


Step 1: Turn on the Collar - You’ll see “Searching for Cellular Network”

  • If you’ve activated tracking, the collar display will update with your dog’s name and phone number after locating a cellular network
  • If you’re not quite ready for tracking, you’ll see “Collar Not Registered” on the collar display as reminder that Tracking has not been activated. Simply “Exit” out of this notification and you’ll see “SpotOn” on the collar display.

tips for creating a spoton map

Step 2: Place your flags – Determine the shape and size of the area you’d like your dog to use

  • Walk the boundary line, placing flags every so often for your visual use during training
    • Helpful Hints:
    • When selecting your boundary line, remember that your dog will receive the first alert tone about 3 meters from boundary line
    • Set boundary lines at least 15’ from a hazardous area like a street or waterway
    • Create effective maps that give your dog room to roam without hearing the alert tones frequently
    • Use the Pause feature to maneuver around obstacles (see Step 4)


Step 3: Acquire a GPS signal outside – The “GPS” letters will turn Green when ready

making a map | spoton virtual smart fence
  • Helpful Hint: Hold the collar at chest height with the antenna facing the sky and the collar display facing you

Step 4: Create a custom map

  • Select “Create Map”
  • Select “Custom”
  • Begin “Walking” your custom map following the flags you placed earlier
  • Select “End”
  • Select “Save”
  • Select “Select Map”
  • Select “Map 1”
  • Select “Activate”
  • Helpful Hints:
    • Selecting “Pause” will give you the ability to pause your map, maneuver around an obstacle like a pond or house and begin walking again. The pause feature will snap a straight line between where you selected “Pause” and where you selected “Continue” while creating your map.
    • To avoid overlapping an area you previously walked, which will result in an invalid map, select “End” just before you reach your initial starting point. The collar will snap a straight line between where you started and where you ended, ensuring that you always have a closed map.
    • Activating the tracking feature will allow you to give custom names to each of your maps like “Home”, “Beach House” and “Campground”.

Step 5: Fit the collar to your dog – See the Quick Start Guide for more information

Step 5: Begin Training – Now comes the fun part!


Step 6:  Follow us on Facebook | Instagram | YouTube and tune in weekly for Training Tips & Tricks with Nicole Skeehan and Haeleigh Hyatt


We wish you many happy adventures!



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