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  • We purchased the remote fence a year ago and have not been able to train her on it. We live on the water with tidelands and she runs after birds, people and other dogs. So far we have her hooked up to a king leash. Seems like we wasted a lot of money. We need help please.

  • Is the monthly tracking required to have the spot on virtual fence?

  • We live in an area with foxes and some coyotes, The SpotOn seems perfect for keeping our dog contained but Is there a way to keep the predators out?

    Thomas J. Smith
  • We live on a farm. The dig will sometimes take it upon himself to chase and pester the cows. Can we set his boundaries inside the fence? Will we ever be allowed to bring him in the fence?

    Mary Ek
  • I have a narrow back yard and I’m not sure how it will work.

    Jeannene Poarch

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