Labor Day Giveaway! Win a SpotOn Virtual Fence & Six Months of 2 Dogs Treats!

SpotOn Fence and 2 Dogs Treats have teamed up with @GarthTheGolden to help you wrap up summer with a bang!

With a long weekend on hand, now is a great time to register to win a SpotOn Virtual Fence system and a 6 month supply of delicious 2 Dogs Treats. While you’re hanging around the lake, on a hike, hitting the beach, or just enjoying a good ol’ cookout with your pup, by simply showing us the fun you and your dog are having, you can win big!

It’s easy to enter to win our award-winning fencing solution and 2 Dogs Treats:

1.  Post a photo of you and your pup(s) enjoying a Summertime activity on Instagram using the hashtag #SpotOnAdventure and follow @SpotOnFence, @2DogsTreats, and @GarthTheGolden.


On Facebook, tag @SpotOnFence, and follow @SpotOnFence@2DogsTreats , and @GarthTheGolden 

2. Sign up for our newsletter below to receive an ADDITIONAL five entries

Best part, everyone is a winner! You’ll receive $100 off your SpotOn Virtual Fence just for entering! Check back on Tuesday, 9/8 when we announce the winner of the grand prize.

Fine Print
: see sweepstakes rules here .

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  • SpotOn Fence

    Hi SUanne,
    Neither! The GPS fence does not rely on cellular (or internet) connection to function. If you plan on using the optional connectivity for additional features – such as receiving escape notifications, tracking your pup, and displaying their name and your telephone number on the collar’s screen – connectivity works using cellular connection and requires a monthly subscription of $6.95.

  • SpotOn Fence

    Great catch, Kristen – thank you! We have updated the date.

  • SUanne

    Does the collars go off of the internet service? Or cell service?

  • Kristen Crockett

    The rules state that this sweepstakes is only valid until November, 2018.

    …but I just got an email for it. For Labor Day 2020…

  • Don

    ya lets see but have not won a thing from no place yet? oh well I tried,,,,,,

  • John Silva

    We do not use social media…senior citizens!!
    But please enter us in the drawing/sweepstakes and sigh us up for the newsletters.
    Thank you!

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