Join Us for a LIVE Set-up Session with Sam, Customer Support Expert

Join Us for a LIVE Set-up Session with Customer Support Expert

Mark your calendar...


Let us show you how to set up your SpotOn Virtual Fence and answer any questions you have along the way. Upcoming sessions:

Wednesday, 7/21 @ 2pm (eastern time)
Thursday, 8/12 @ 2pm (eastern time)
Wednesday, 8/25 @ 2pm (eastern time)


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  • John Martini

    I work during the days- how about evenings???
    I dont get home til after 5 CST

  • Julie Callis

    I joined the zoom meeting late 4/21 and would like to attend on 5/13 and 5/26. Can you send me zoom invitations for both. We haven’t received our packet yet. Thanks.

  • Mike Gibson

    Having trouble getting the phone connected to the collar via the app. Can’t get the icons to turn to “color”

  • Frank Ragsdale

    I found your site a day after your presentation. When will you do another?
    Thank you.

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