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What's in the box?

Ready to check out what's inside? Watch our unboxing video here!


Before you can begin using your SpotOn Fence, you’ll need to read these instructions to set up your system!Follow these steps in order to get started:

- Fit your SpotOn collar to your pup. Watch a quick video.

-Charge your battery

- Download the app

- Register your system

- Activate cellular service

- Turn on your collar

- Plan your fence. Watch a quick video.

- Create your first fence. Watch a quick video.

- Train your pup.

Activate Connectivity & Tracking (cellular coverage for tracking, escape notifications, and map management)

To activate optional Connectivity for $6.95/month for each dog in your family CLICK HERE .

Once your payment details have been entered successfully:

1. Turn off your SpotOn collar

2. Wait 5 minutes

3. Turn on your SpotOn collar*

*NOTE: Power up your SpotOn collar outdoors to more quickly connect to the AT&T and T-Mobile cell towers in your area. If your collar does not get cell service initially, move around your property to try and secure a connection.

Not sure if your collar has cell service? If you see white bars on the collar's screen, you have a cellular connection. If you see NS, you are not yet connected. Walk around your property until your collar is able to connect.

Learn more about connectivity

Create a Map

1. Please see the User Manual or the How to Create a Fence training video for help creating a map. We recommend having at least ½ an acre of property to use the SpotOn Virtual Fence. Like any GPS-based system, boundary lines can vary ay times. Typically, between 3’ and 10’ of variation. For that reason, create your boundary lines at least 15’ from a hazardous area like a road or waterway.

2. Live on a large property or body of water? Check out tips for using the pause feature.

3. Is your property heavily wooded? SpotOn Virtual Fence will work so long as you can see the sky between the trees' leaves. If you are under extremely dense tree cover, enable Forest Mode for increased GPS sensitivity.

4. Once your map is created, test your boundaries! Activate your map and begin walking toward your boundary lines. An alert tone will sound 10’ from the boundary line. A warning tone will sound 5’ from the boundary line. Using the static correction tester, as you attempt to cross over your boundary line (after the warning tone) you will see the tester light up indicating the signal was sent to your static contact points.

Learn how to create additional maps here.

How do family members set up SpotOn on their phones?

You can invite members of your family to share your account and monitor your pup on the SpotOn app. Family members who share accounts can receive notifications and track your pup if they leave containment* but cannot adjust static correction levels. To grant family members access:

1. Select menu

2. Select Account Settings

3. Select Family Member Access

4. Enter an email address

5. Select the check mark to confirm

* Connectivity feature must be activated to grant family access.

Connecting to Bluetooth

Connecting to Bluetooth is a little different than connecting to a mobile speaker, smartwatch, or your car. You will know you have succeeded when the BT symbol on the collar’s screen turns blue!

1. Ensure Bluetooth and Location Services are enabled on your smartphone

2. Power on your SpotOn collar (exit out of any maps/notifications received when powering up the collar) and make note of the white “BT” in the upper left-hand corner of the collar display

3. In the SpotOn app, select the Bluetooth button in the upper left-hand corner of the Training screen (blue circle with white “B”)

4. Select “SO-SPOTON” (or “SO-[your dog’s name]" if Tracking is activated) from the device list

5. The icons should now be displayed in color (they are grey when disconnected) and you can train with your pup or adjust your static correction level. Ensure connectivity on the collar by noting the “BT” on the display has changed from white to blue.

6. Test it out. Select the alert tone, warning tone or, with the static correction tester pressed firmly on top of the static contact points, select static correction and the tester will light up. When you’ve set your static correction level (hit save or the check mark), you’ll see the red number in the upper left-hand corner of the collar display change to the level you have selected on the app.

Helpful hints:

• If you are trying to adjust the static correction level, ensure that there is no activated map.

• Bluetooth will automatically disconnect after few minutes of inactivity so you will need to reconnect each time you need the Bluetooth connection active.

For more information on connecting to Bluetooth, click here

How do I share maps between collars?

Option 1: Sharing collar to collar

1.On collar receiving the map:

a. Select “System” on your SpotOn collar

b. Select “Share Map”

c. Select “Receive Map”

2. On collar sending map:

a. Select "System” on your SpotOn collar

b. Select “Share Map”

c. Select the map from your list

d. Select “Send”

Note - You must be within 10' of each other to share a SpotOn map between collars.

Option 2: Sharing via smartphone

a. Ensure both collars have cell service

b. Deactivate any active maps on both collars

c. Select “Manage my Maps” from the SpotOn App

d. Select the pet/collar that has the map you want to share

e. Select check box next to the map you want to share

f. Select “Share map”

g. Select the pet/collar you want to receive the map

Once shared on your smartphone, allow the collar time to receive and download the map. Select “Select Maps” on the receiving collar to view and confirm the map has been downloaded.

Why can’t I see my maps on my phone?

You must activate Connectivity. Activate 60 days of free connectivity here.

If you have already activated Connectivity, both the SpotOn collar and your smartphone must have cell service in order to communicate.

1. Power down the SpotOn collar

2. Wait 5 minutes

3. Reboot the SpotOn collar outdoors

4. Do not allow any maps to activate while rebooting

5. Allow the collar to search for AT&T and T-Mobile cell service in your area

6. Once your collar has cell service, allow the collar time to upload your map information to your smartphone

Not sure if your collar has cell service? Not sure if your collar has cell service? If you see white bars on the collar's screen, you have a cellular connection. If you see NS, you are not yet connected. Walk around your property until your collar is able to connect.

If Connectivity is active and you’re in an area with poor cell service, find a location with better AT&T and T-Mobile service to download your maps to your smartphone.

How do I log in using my computer or laptop?

At this time, the only way to log in to your SpotOn account is using the SpotOn App. There is no computer login at this time. However, you can use your computer to download and update your collar's software by clicking here for Mac and here for PC.

Training with the SpotOn collar

How do I train my dog to the SpotOn Virtual Fence?

Because every dog is unique, SpotOn Virtual Fence offer three distinct training programs designed to work with a range of canine abilities and personalities. Take the Training Quiz or explore our plans HERE to determine which best for you and your pup.

Like humans, all dogs learn at different rates. The average training period is two to four weeks. However, some dogs are quicker while some take a bit longer. Training your dog with the SpotOn Virtual Fence™ system is an opportunity to bond with your dog utilizing positive reinforcement.

How do I fit the collar to my dog’s neck?

Undo the clasp and place the collar around dog’s neck to gauge the fit. Unfasten the buckle, slide it to a location that feels appropriate for your dog’s neck size, and snap the buckle into the nearest hole. The collar should fit snugly and allow you to comfortably fit two fingers between the collar and your dog’s neck next to the static contact points. Once you have the proper fit on your dog, tuck the excess strap underneath. Ensure that the digital display is facing the ground under your pup’s chin and the GPS antenna is on the back of the dog’s neck facing the sky. Watch a video here.

Using optional static correction

Following one of our three SpotOn training plans, you’ll be instructed on when to introduce optional static correction for the first time. Static correction should always start at level one and be increased by one level at a time. See SpotOn Training Video: The Use of Static Correction for more information.

What boundary warnings does my dog hear from the SpotOn collar before receiving an optional static correction?

The collar makes a series of audio warnings. When your dog approaches the perimeter he will hear an alert tone. If your dog progresses past the initial boundary he will hear a harsher sounding warning tone. Our SpotOn training programs teach your dog to respond to the alert and warning tones before crossing the perimeter, but as all dog owners know, dogs can have a mind of their own. The final warning is an optional static correction that is intended to quickly get your dog's attention. Learn more about when your dog will hear the tones.

Can I adjust the volume on the collar if I can’t hear the tones/beeps?

Dogs have sensitive ears, so the SpotOn system’s audible tones are set at the safest level for your pooch and cannot be adjusted.

This means that humans may sometimes have a hard time hearing the tones, but don’t worry, your pup can hear them!

GPS boundary variations

On average, the typical variance is about 3-10’ throughout the day and about 15’in extremely dense tree coverage. For that reason, we recommend you leave at least a 15-foot buffer zone between your boundary and any unsafe areas (like a road).

As long as you have the buffer in place, this boundary variation is no big deal for your pup. Why? Since SpotOn was developed with portability in mind, our training programs are focused on the teaching your pup the audible tones, not visual cues. Your pup will hear their first notification 10’ from the boundary, and once trained, this tone will remind the pup to retreat back safely within the boundaries of the contained area. This makes traveling with your dog a breeze and the occasional boundary shift practically unnoticeable for your pup.


We are thrilled with the popularity our SpotOn Virtual Fence has experienced over the past few months, and are working hard to respond to your inquiries as quickly as possible. Please allow at least one business day for response time - our team is working tirelessly to get back to you!

You can speak with a member of our SpotOn Training Team Monday – Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm ET at 603-488-1504 or by emailing Training@spotonfence.com. Looking for a trainer to work with your pup at home? Check out our network of SpotOn Certified Trainers.

Tracking with the SpotOn app

How do I track my pup?

You must have tracking activated to see your dog's location and track him. Click here to activate tracking.

1. To keep track of your dog while a map is active, select “Where’s My Pet” to see where on the property your pup is. Their location will not continuously update but you can select the paw print to check in as needed.

2. If your pup exited containment, select “Where’s my pet” and use the magnifying glass to enter Tracking mode. Once you are in the tracking screen, you will see breadcrumbs, or a trail of where your pup has been. Need to find them on foot? Use the compass. Driving to their location? Use the directional icon for turn by turn directions.

Tip – Need time to reach your pet’s current location? Conserve battery power on the collar, by shutting off Tracking mode until you need it again.


"Collar is off or not connected to the cellular network.”

There are a few reasons you may see this notification.

1. The collar is off

2. The collar is on but it does not currently have cellular service.

If you have not activated Connectivity, you can disregard this notification by selecting “OK”. If you have activated the Connectivity feature, your collar is currently in an area with poor AT&T/T-Mobile cell service. As the collar moves around your property it will continue to try connecting to the closest AT&T/T-Mobile cell towers.

(Note that while the SpotOn collar uses AT&T and T-Mobile 3G networks (not Verizon networks) to track your pup, the collar's tracking function is compatible with your phone regardless of which cell carrier you use.)

3. If your collar has service, you should see white bars like a smartphone to the right of the letters “BT” on your collar display. If you see “NS” your collar has no service.

Training icons grayed out

If the training icons are grayed out, you are not connected to Bluetooth. To connect and use the training feature or adjust static correction, follow these steps:

1. Deactivate any active maps on the SpotOn collar

2. Select the blue Bluetooth icon from the SpotOn app

3. Select SO-SpotOn or SO-[dog name] from the list of available devices

4. Select “Training”

5. Icons should now be in color and the letters “BT” on your collar should be in blue (will display in white when disconnected)

Note: Bluetooth will automatically disconnect when not in use for several minutes or when a map is activated.

For more information on connecting to Bluetooth, click here

Why won’t my dog’s name and phone number appear on the collar?

Connectivity must be activated to see this information. Once you’ve activated Connectivity, please allow your collar time to send the information from your smartphone to your collar by deactivating any active maps and ensuring your collar has cellular connection. How do you know if your collar is connected? If your collar has service, you should see white bars like a smartphone to the right of the letters “BT” on your collar display. If you see “NS” your collar has no service. *

Why are my maps not showing up on my phone?

Connectivity must be activated to see your maps. Once you have created a map, please allow your collar time to send the information to your smartphone by deactivating any active maps and ensuring your collar has cellular connection. How do you know if your collar is connected? If your collar has service, you should see white bars like a smartphone to the right of the letters “BT” on your collar display. If you see “NS” your collar has no service. *

Invalid map/map won't save

When creating a map, you cannot cross your own path (walk over a boundary you have already created). We recommend stopping a few yards short of where you started your map and saving—the SpotOn system will automatically connect your beginning point with your end point to make an enclosed area. If you are on a large property (over a few acres) we recommend using the Pause feature to create your map. Read more about Pause here: Tips for using the pause feature.

To watch a video on making maps, click here.

How do I connect to GPS?

It’s automatic! Just make sure you are outdoors and the collar’s antenna (round disc towards the male end of the buckle) is pointed towards the sky and is not covered by your hand. The letters GPS on the screen should turn from red to green.

Why does my map appear different on app (or appear in another country)?

Visual errors can occur when your SpotOn collar is an area with poor cell service and is unable to report all of the information to your smartphone. Your collar will continue to search for a quality cellular connection in your area to report the corrected visual information to your phone. The map you created remains exactly the same and is stored in the collar correctly. If you still experience issues, please reach out to SpotOn Support Team at Support@spotonfence.com for additional assistance.

If your collar has service, you should see white bars like a smartphone to the right of the letters “BT” on your collar display. If you see “NS” your collar has no service. *

How do I transfer my SpotOn Virtual Fence to another user?

If you want to give someone the gift of freedom and transfer ownership of your SpotOn system, it's easy to do! Simply follow this link to complete a form, and once your request is finalized, you’ll receive a confirmation email.

How do I update or cancel my Connectivity/Tracking subscription.

Please note, when you discontinue your tracking feature you will no longer receive notifications if your dog breaches containment. Additionally, you will no longer be able to track your dog or control your maps from your smartphone. Unfortunately, if your pup does breach containment and needs to be tracked, this feature cannot be activated as the collar requires a reboot before for first use. If you are certain you would like to discontinue this service, please follow the directions here.

How do I update the software on my SpotOn collar?

It's easy to update your software! Just follow these instructions if you're using a Mac and these if you're using a PC.

How to I restore my collar to factory settings?

At this time, it is not possible for you to restore your collar to factory settings. If you are experiencing issues with your system, please reach out to us for technical support.

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