Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about the SpotOn System. If you need additional information, please visit our full list of FAQ's.


The SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence system is a GPS-based containment system that eliminates the need for buried wires, base stations and professional installation.

  • The system consists of a collar and a smartphone app.
  • To use the SpotOn system as a containment solution only for your dog, you do not need to have a cellular connection.
  • The cost of each system is $1,495. The cost does not increase based on the size of your property (unlike traditional wireless solutions). A separate system is needed for each dog in your family and there is an automatic 15% discount when purchasing two or more systems at a time.
  • Financing options are also available through Bread with monthly plans for 12, 18, or 24 months. You can see more details HERE.
  • There is no maximum size for the map you can create but we do recommend having a minimum of at least ½ an acre.

The optional Tracking & Connectivity feature allows you to receive notifications should your dog ever leave containment and begins tracking them for you. With the Tracking & Connectivity feature you will also be able to view and name your custom maps and see your dog’s name and phone number display on the collar. This feature is $6.95/month, after a 60-day free trial and uses AT&T and T-Mobile networks. Your smartphone can use any carrier of your choice and both the collar and your smartphone must have a cellular connection (just like making a call between two smartphones) in order to receive notifications and track your dog.


How do I know which size to purchase?

Our collar sizes are based on neck sizes which can change as your pup matures. For that reason we recommend waiting until they’re fully grown to determine their neck size unless you can accurately determine their future neck size. Because there is technology running through the strap of the collar, there is a limitation to the size adjustments that can be made.

  • Medium fits necks 13-17”
  • Large fits necks 17-24”W.

If your pup measures exactly 17” with a measuring tape snug around their neck, above their regular collar and with 1-2 fingers placed between the tape and your dog’s neck then we recommend purchasing a size Medium.

We offer a 45-day Return Policy if you choose to purchase a collar and find that it is either too small or too big within those 45 days.


Can SpotOn be used on a puppy?

SpotOn can be used for puppies but we do not recommend introducing static correction until at least 6 months of age. Prior to that time, your pup should be learning basic obedience and gaining confidence in his/her new surroundings.

You can begin training your puppy to the SpotOn system using Training Plan A (which uses no static correction). Once your pup has reached the six month milestone and you feel he/she is ready for the introduction of static correction you can switch to either Training Plan B or Plan C.

Take our Training Quiz at that time and answer a few personality questions about your pup that will help determine which plan is right for you. You can always access all three plans-- available online as written instructions and videos.


How do I know if my yard is right for SpotOn?

To use the SpotOn system we recommend having at least ½ an acre. Though there is no maximum size of a SpotOn map, we recommend the map greater than 80 feet at its narrowest point. Like any GPS-based system, boundary lines can vary. A normal boundary variation is from 0-10 feet. For that reason we recommend setting your boundary lines at least 15 feet from a hazardous area in which you do not want your dog to roam (like a street, neighbor's property, or waterway).


Can SpotOn be used on my small breed dog?

Unfortunately at this time, we do not offer a collar for  dogs measuring under a 13-inch neck size. Our engineers are always working to make the technology smaller so stay tuned! Join join our mailing list where we’ll keep you informed on new products, technology, and smaller size options.


How do I connect to Bluetooth?

Bluetooth connectivity is used when training with Training Plans A & B and when adjusting your static correction level. To use Bluetooth, ensure that your map has been deactivated before beginning the below steps. When Bluetooth goes unused, it will automatically disconnect. To reconnect, please follow the steps below.

  1. Ensure Bluetooth and Location Services are enabled on your smartphone
  2. Power on your SpotOn collar (exit out of any notifications received when powering up the collar) and make note of the white “BT” in the upper left-hand corner of the collar display.
  3. In the SpotOn app, select the Bluetooth button in the upper left-hand corner of the home screen (blue circle with white “B”)
  4. Select “SO-SPOTON” (or “SO-[your dog’s name]" if Tracking is activated) from the device list.

NOTE: once selected, you will be returned to the app’s home screen.

  1. Select “Training” from the app’s home screen. The icons should now be displayed in color (they are grey when disconnected) and you can adjust your static correction level. Ensure connectivity on the collar by noting the “BT” on the display has changed from white to blue.

Test it out. Select the left yellow icon to sound the alert tone. Select the right orange icon to sound the warning tone. With the static correction tester seated firmly on the contact points, select the red bottom icon to initiate static correction and the test will light up.


Can I use SpotOn in the woods?

The SpotOn System works in the woods as long as you can see the sky between the trees' leaves. If you are under extremely dense tree cover, enable Forest Mode for increased GPS sensitivity. To enable Forest Mode:

  • Select “System”, toggle to Forest Mode Off
  • Hit enter, display will change to Forest Mode On
  • Toggle to “Exit” to save

Once Forest Mode is enabled, your SpotOn System will enjoy greater sensitivity under dense tree cover and within structures such as covered porches, sheds, barns, and your home.

To ensure the safety and comfort of your dog when forest mode is enabled, your entire home must be included in your map, your boundary lines must be at least 80’ away from your home and the map must be deactivated, or remove your pup’s collar, any time your dog goes indoors.

Don’t see Forest Mode on your menu? You may be on an outdated version of software. Please download the latest software by following the link and scrolling down to SOFTWARE UPDATES:


How do I Return/Exchange my SpotOn System?

We hope that you will love your SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence™ system but if you need to return or exchange your system for any reason, we offer a comprehensive 45-Day return/exchange policy from date of purchase. This allows you to receive the system, create your first map and begin training with your pup to determine if SpotOn is the best containment solution for you and your family.

If you would like support before processing your return request you can reach us at or via phone at 603-488-1504. Please select the below link and enter your order number and email address. You will then receive an automated email with instructions for returning the systems to us.



Why is the app telling me my collar is off or isn’t connected to the cellular network?

  1. Your collar is off
  2. Your collar is on but it does not currently have cellular service. If you have not activated the Tracking & Connectivity feature, you can disregard this notification by selecting “OK”. If you have activated the Tracking & Connectivity feature, your collar is currently in an area with poor AT&T/T-Mobile cell service. As the collar moves around your property it will continue to try connecting to the closest AT&T/T-Mobile cell towers.

How do you know if your collar has service? If your collar has service, you should see white bars like a smartphone to the right of the letters “BT” on your collar display. If you see “NS” your collar has no service.


    How do I install the software update?

    To confirm you are using the most up to date software, please complete the following steps.

    Newest Software Version: 14.47/14.98

    Step 1: Select “System” from the SpotOn collar

    Step 2: Select “About SpotOn”

    Step 3:  If your software version is not listed as 14.47 or 14.98, you should upgrade your SpotOn system.

    Features of the newest software: Extended battery life & and the introduction of Forest Mode. Check out SpotOn in the woods above for more details on Forest Mode.


    Software Update:

    Step 1: Select this link:

    Step 2:  Scroll down to Software Updates

    Step 3: Select “Click Here” for PC or Mac

    Step 4: Complete the steps listed and ensure that when connecting your collar to your computer you are using a charging/data cable like the one included with your SpotOn system

    Step 5: Reboot the collar

    Step 6: Charge the collar to 100% before next use