Containing Bull Mastiffs on 7 Acres: Big Dog Mom Review


REVIEW: No More Roaming Rover! A Revolutionary Wireless Dog Fence for Large Dogs

Big Dog Mom moved to a 7-acre property in Michigan with an inflexible Home Owners’ Association that forbids fences. She didn’t know how she would keep her 2 Bull Mastiffs in the yardShe considered several different electronic options but decided to go with SpotOn Fence. The thing she liked most: 

  •  It was easy to set up. 
  •  She didn’t have to go to the trouble of burying a wire for an invisible fence. 
  •  It would work with heavy tree cover since her property has lots of pine trees. 
  •  The fences were as customizable, which she needed since she has an odd-shaped property. 

 Also important to this Big Dog Mom was the ability to customize the deterrents used, such as tones, vibration, and static correction. SpotOn checked all of her requirements and now her pups, Junior & Sulley are free to run the property. With SpotOn GPS Fence, her pups have found new freedom and are free to explore the property.

In this video, Big Dog Mom shares her experience with the SpotOn Fence and explains how it has changed the lives of her dogs, Junior & Sulley, two Bull Mastiffs.

In her blog post, Life Unleashed: 10 Cutting-Edge Features of SpotOn GPS Dog Fence, she also answers many customer questions, including: 

  • The difference between a GPS dog fence, a wireless (invisible) dog fence, and an electric dog fence, 
  • Why large dog owners should consider a GPS fence over other pet containment systems, 
  • What a GPS dog fence is and how it works, 
  • What makes SpotOn GPS Dog Fence unique among other dog fencing options, and  
  • The cutting-edge features and benefits of SpotOn GPS Fence. 

 Big Dog Mom believes the best features of the SpotOn Fence are: superior satellite connections, noise-resistant antenna, no cellular subscription required to use, Forest Mode makes GPS more sensitive, long battery life, individually activated fences, customizable alerts & feedback, the best customer service, great training content, and developed & assembled in the USA.

In her latest blog post and video (below), she sits down with SpotOn inventor and Chief Technologist, Sung Vivathana to learn more about the technology that powers SpotOn.

In this video, Sung Vivathana, our VP of Engineering at SpotOn Fence, explains the science of our GPS fence. He answers these important questions.

  1. What is a GPS fence? 
  2. How is a GPS fence different from other wireless dog fences? 
  3. Why are multiple constellation connections (and through them multiple satellites) important for dog owners? 
  4. Explain the technology behind the custom dog fence-building process. 
  5. What makes the SpotOn dog collar antenna unique? 
  6. What is True Location™ technology and why should dog owners want it? 
  7. Explain how location tracking works with the optional cellular subscription. 
  8. How can you build and customize a GPS dog fence with SpotOn? 
  9. How do the multiple individually-activated dog fences work?
  10. How does the SpotOn GPS Fence App work and what are some of its top features? 
  11. What new features is SpotOn GPS Fence working on for future enhancements? 

You can watch it above or read it here.