The SpotOn Fence
Dog Boundary Training Plan

Why SpotOn dog training works

Unlike other systems, the SpotOn's GPS dog collar plays two sets of tones before vibrating or sending a static correction (an optional and adjustable stimulation to assist with correcting behavior). The SpotOn collar willnot issue a static correction to dogs returning home.

The first tone, the alert tone, tells the dog they are at the edge of their fence. The SpotOn training program will train them to return to the center of the fence when they hear it. A second tone, the warning tone is harsher and is played just before a vibration or correction is issued at the boundary.

Mastering the tones means static correction becomes a true last resort. Dog boundary training will also make it easier for your dog to learn his or her boundaries in new places.

All dogs are different, so don’t worry if it takes a little longer than expected to train your dog to the boundary lines. Keep training sessions quick and fun. It’s less stressful on you and your dog!

First: Teach your dogs to learn the tones. 

Get your dog ready for life unleashed by training him to recognize alert and warning tones at the fence boundaries. 

  • Using a leash, walk your dog from within the containment area to different locations along the fence boundary.
  • When you hear the alert tone, playfully encourage your dog to return.
  • Practice 10-15 minutes for a few days.

Next, learn how to set static correction.

You won’t need static correction right away but it’s good to understand how it works and how to find the right level for your dog when you are ready to introduce it. 

  • Using the app, connect to the Collar and set the Static Correction to Level 5 of 30. NOTE: If you don’t want to use Static Correction, use Vibration to complete this step.
  • Train / Practice with your dog near the fence boundary and get her to learn the tones.
  • The dog may require static correction to return to the center.
  • Reward the dog for returning to the center.
  • Adjust static correction as necessary.
  • Practice for 10 min 2-3 days or until the dog learns the boundary

Proofing the boundary with a distraction.

Now it's time to introduce distractions to be sure your dog understands the boundary. 

  • Test the boundary with a distraction like another person standing outside the fence boundary.
  • Reward the dog if it recognizes the alert tone and returns to the area.
  • Allow the dog to go to the boundary and use the leash to direct her back to you.

Finally, observe and adjust as needed.

Now you can drop the leash, and spend time outside with your dog while she gets used to the GPS dog fence. Once you and your pup are comfortable, she can live life unleashed!

  • Observe the dog off-leash for a few days near the boundary.
  • If the dog escapes more than once per week, repeat the proof testing step to reinforce good behavior.
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