About Us

SpotOn President, Jennifer Kean.

SpotOn’s President, Jennifer Kean, pictured here with a resident office dog, Alvin.

At SpotOn, we believe that dogs are happiest when they run free.

We envision a world where all dogs are able to follow their noses and we as owners are confident they are safe. And as a team of dog owners, there’s nothing we won’t do to make our dogs happy. 

That's why we created SpotOn, the world's first GPS dog fence. So your dog can run free on your property or any outdoor space.

Our President, Jennifer Joyce, witnessed the joy of dogs living life unleashed while growing up on a Christmas tree farm in rural Oregon, where her family’s beloved dogs ran free every day on over 500 acres. She, alongside SpotOn inventor, Vice President of Engineering, and pup-parent to Labradoodle, Henry, Sung Vivathana, lead the team that dreamed up GPS fencing technology, effectively giving dogs the freedom to be dogsーnot tethered by leashes or stuck inside the houseーand owners the peace of mind to let them. 

“Our mission is to make dog containment more flexible, reliable, and convenientーhelping dogs live their best lives safely, free to roam within the boundaries we set. When we invented SpotOn, we removed the hassle of installation and maintenance needed for traditional containment solutions, and the limitations that make other GPS devices inaccurate, giving dogs everywhere the opportunity to live life as a dog shouldーunleashed.” - Jennifer Joyce.

SpotOn uses patented technology to accurately predict a dog’s true location and reliably contain a dog nearly anywhere on the planet. This True Location™ technology, paired with the best hardware and software available provide the most reliable GPS Fence. 

Our team has a history developing electronics for the US military. These devices HAD to perform flawlessly every time as soldiers were staking their lives on them.This attention to quality and reliability is incorporated into every aspect of your SpotOn Fence. We’ve been recognized as a CES 2020 Innovation Award honoree, SXSW 2020 Innovation Award finalist and awarded 2019 Product of the Year by the New Hampshire Tech Alliance. 

SpotOn is designed, developed, and manufactured in New Hampshire. Wherever we can, we locally or domestically source components.

As we continue to enhance SpotOn Fence and develop new products, we take customer feedback and ideas seriously. Most of our newest features came from the unique situations and needs of real users. We are constantly talking to our customers to identify new features and improvements to help more dogs spend more time off-leash. 

Celebrating 5 Years of SpotOn GPS Fence

Five years ago, SpotOn introduced a groundbreaking concept, earning the trust of customers. Now, we're committed to honoring that trust by partnering with animal welfare organizations to make a positive impact together.

Introducing SpotOn Gives! As part of our fifth year anniversary celebration, this new program will award five $50,000 grants to support the incredible work of non-profit animal welfare organizations across the United States.