Our Mission

At SpotOn, our mission is to use wireless technology to give dogs the freedom to be dogs and owners the peace of mind to let them. We want all dogs to live their best doggie lives with the freedom to roam wide open spaces—whether exploring close to home in the backyard or adventuring along-side their favorite humans in the backcountry. 

From the backyard to the front yard, from mom’s yard to the beach— life is better unleashed.

About SpotOn

A group of dog owners and dog lovers alike, our team is always accompanied by our four-legged family members- at home, on the go, and even at the office! We come from diverse backgrounds and rally around our passion for keeping our pets safe and happy.

Our product development is guided by decades of experience developing and manufacturing electronics that protected our soldiers while they were abroad. We now bring this experience and attention to detail to protect your pup because, as pet owners ourselves, we know when your dog’s safety is in our hands, there is no room for error.

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Firmly rooted in our belief that dogs are family, the basic tenet of our entire business is to keep them safe, connected, and home. By creating the Retrieve by SpotOn give-back program which provides microchipping and tracking technologies to shelter animals in need, we remain committed to our assertion that all pets deserve to be kept safe.

Retrieve by SpotOn is proud to contribute more than 12,000 microchips annually to pre-adoption shelter dogs. Though a fencing solution dramatically reduces the chance your dog will go missing, we liken microchipping and registering your pup to insurance - it is the final line of defense when it comes to keeping the family whole. Though the SpotOn Virtual Fence allows you to track your pup, microchipping provides valuable registration information like parents’ names, phone number, and address, should the dog leave their containment area and be turned in to animal control, a veterinarian, or shelter. 

We have donated our microchips via Michelson Found Animals and are proud to call them partners in our effort to keep dogs where they belong, home.


At SpotOn, our mission is to make the world safe for your pet. By creating products which give dogs the freedom to safely explore wide open spaces, we give owners the flexibility to take their pets with them wherever they go—and the security of knowing that they are never more than a tap away from their canine companions.


We, the inventors of the SpotOn Virtual Fence System previously worked together in key ownership, customer advocacy, and technical positions at Insight Technology, where we developed and produced the world’s most advanced night vision and electro-optical systems for the US military. Guided by decades of experience developing high-quality electronic devices for military and law-enforcement professionals, we bring this legacy of knowledge, experience, and passion to bear on the products we make you and your dog.

We create products which give your dog freedom to roam, without putting him at risk. We hold our work up to the level of scrutiny and quality control applied to US Armed Forces equipment because, as pet owners, we know that there is no room for shortcuts when it comes to the safety of our best friends.