How Does The SpotOn Fence Work?

Using GPS technology, the SpotOn Virtual Fence can contain your dog in the backyard and beyond.

No wires. No base stations. Unlimited possibilities.

SpotOn makes it easy to create and store up to 10 custom containment areas virtually anywhere.



Creating a containment area is as simple as walking the perimeter while holding the SpotOn Collar and pressing a button to save the map.



Training is key to using the SpotOn Virtual Fence successfully. Developed by experts, your dog will be fully trained in just a few sessions. Learn More.



With connectivity enabled, the SpotOn app allows you to name, activate, and deactivate maps; see your pup’s location at the touch of a button; get escape notifications; and automatically track your pup if she leaves the yard.



    Save up to 10 unique virtual smart fences, of almost any shape or size—or instantly generate a circular perimeter.


    Provides 20-36 hours of containment (depending on the dog’s activity level) or 8 hours of tracking.


    With your first 60 days free and for just $6.95/month thereafter, you can activate full connectivity to track your dog to within 10 feet—with updates every 6 seconds.


    The SpotOn Collar carries an IP67 rating, so your pup can splash, swim, and play in the rain. Built to last, our collar can handle your dog’s wildest adventures.


    The SpotOn System works on any ground, no matter how uneven. The collar's handy “Pause” feature allows you to quickly set your virtual smart fence by connecting points, without having to navigate tricky terrain features such as ponds, boulders, and swampy areas.


    The SpotOn System is designed and engineered in New Hampshire, and assembled in the USA with domestic and foreign parts.

I was able to get it up and
running quickly. Training program worked quickly too. It works for containment and I would reliably get notifications. It’s a game changer for us. Everything we hoped it would be. Convenience, portability, reliability and connectivity.



Is the SpotOn Fence right for you?

These are the things you need to be sure of before ordering.

Dog Size

The SpotOn Collar fits dogs with necks between 13” and 24” (generally weighing between 25-135 pounds depending on breed). How to Measure.

SpotOn requirements: Collar sizing


SpotOn works best for properties ½ acre or larger. GPS accuracy can vary up to 10 feet, so you also need 15 feet from the outside of your boundary to any unsafe environments.

It's important to plan your fence to be at least 80 feet wide at its narrowest point. This will ensure your pup has plenty of room to roam without hearing the tones!

SpotOn requirements: Proximity graph

Training Time

Your pup will need a few sessions to train on the SpotOn Virtual Fence in your own yard. Training at additional locations tends to be shorter. Our network of trainers are happy to provide additional support if needed.

SpotOn requirements: Training time

Collar Care

Though the SpotOn Collar is waterproof and made from durable materials, even it can’t stand up to a determined chewer! If your dog is a chewer, you’ll need to make sure that the collar is removed and stored when not in use. If your dog roughhouses with other dogs, please monitor their activity or remove it during playtime.

SpotOn requirements: view of collar


See if SpotOn is right for you and your pup.

Curious about what makes SpotOn different?

Read our Q&A here

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How to measure your dog’s neck

1. Find a flexible measuring tape or rope that can be used to measure the circumference of your dog’s neck, just above where his regular collar sits.

2. Place the measuring tape snug against your dog's neck, above their regular collar, with one or two fingers placed between the measuring tape and the dog's neck. Record the measurement.

3. Pick the collar size appropriate for your dog's measurements:
- Large (fits 17-24" neck)
- Medium (fits 13-17" neck)


How is SpotOn different from other containment & tracking systems?

SpotOn is the most comprehensive dog safety system on the market today. Unlike traditional containment systems, SpotOn

• Does NOT rely on buried wires or base stations

• Does NOT need professional installation or proprietary batteries

• Includes a handy app that provides escape notifications, status updates, location tracking, and easy map management on your smartphone

• Relies on three global navigation satellite systems so you can store up to 10-fences in the SpotOn collar and take your fence and your dog anywhere and cellular connectivity to locate your dog at the touch of a button.

SpotOn uses GPS technology so you can create fences that are unaffected by weather, steep or rocky terrain, and power outages.

SpotOn also offers a unique approach to training and two sets of varying audible tones so dogs are only corrected after they have been traveled through roughly 15 feet of warning area.

comparison table

* systems do not keep the dog contained, only provide an alert when the designated safe area has been breached.

How does SpotOn work?

SpotOn uses three satellite systems (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo) to create a reliable containment area for your dog—these are the satellites the FAA and US military uses for navigation, not the ones that power satellite TV and radio.

Simply walk the perimeter with collar in hand to create a secure containment area of nearly any shape and size—from 1/2 acre to 1000 acres.

In the unlikely event your dog breeches the containment area, the SpotOn System will automatically track his whereabouts—providing you with updates every six seconds, his location and proximity to you, as well driving directions to his location. If it’s a quick slip and he comes right back, he will never receive a correction for coming home.

How much does SpotOn cost?

The SpotOn Virtual Fence costs $1,495. Though you will need an individual system for each dog in your family, the cost does not increase based on the size of your property (unlike traditional wireless solutions). An automatic 15% discount when purchasing two or more systems at a time.

Financing options are also available through Bread with monthly plans for 12, 18, or 24 months. You can see more details HERE.

Optional Connectivity costs $6.95/month (after a 60-day free trial) allows you to receive escape notifications, status updates, track your dog, and manage your maps from your smartphone. Connectivity uses AT&T and T-Mobile networks (and works with your phone on any carrier). Because the SpotOn collar is like a smartphone for your dog, both the collar and your smartphone must have a cellular connection in order to receive notifications and track your dog. To use the SpotOn system as a containment solution only for your dog, you do not need to have a cellular connection.

Will SpotOn work on my property?

The SpotOn Virtual Fence does not require professional installation and is designed with the dog owner in mind. As a GPS-based containment solution, there are no buried wires, base stations or transmitters required. To create a map simply walk a custom perimeter, with collar in hand, around the area you would like your pup to stay in, hit “save” and your map is ready. Want to see how it’s done? click here.

• Minimum Recommended Property Size – ½ an acre

• Maximum Recommended Property Size – Unlimited

• Have a large property? Check out our tips and tricks for using the Pause Feature: Overcome Obstacles with the Pause Feature

Will SpotOn fit my dog?

SpotOn collar sizing is based on your dog’s neck size instead of their weight. We offer a size Medium for necks measuring 13-17” (usually dogs 25 lbs or greater) and a size Large for necks measuring 17-24” (usually dogs 45 lbs or greater). Because there is technology running through the strap of the collar, there is a limitation to the size adjustments that can be made.

Why a fee for connectivity?

Adding Connectivity essentially turns your dog’s SpotOn collar into a doggie cell phone. Just like your mobile phone, you need to pay a fee for service. Using AT&T and T-Mobile, optional Connectivity connects you to your pup at all times—all for about the cost of a latte.

• Receive escape notifications

• Track your pup anywhere in the world using turn-by-turn directions that update every 6 seconds

• Display their name and your telephone number on the collar’s screen

• View and name your custom maps in the app

Connectivity costs $6.95/month, after a 60-day free trial and uses AT&T and T-Mobile networks. Keep your smartphone on the carrier of your choice because the collar is like a cellphone for your pup. Both the collar and your smartphone must have a cellular connection (just like making a call between two smartphones) in order to receive notifications and track your dog.

Do I need cell service to use the SpotOn system?

No. Your SpotOn system does not require cell service to create and activate a map. Cell service is only necessary if activating and using Connectivity.

How many SpotOn maps can I make?

As many as you like! You are able to store up to 10 custom maps at a time and have the ability to delete old/add new ones as needed. With Connectivity active, your maps can be named and viewed on your SpotOn app. Additionally, you always have the ability to create an instant circular perimeter for quick set up.

Will SpotOn work in the woods?

SpotOn Virtual Fence works in the woods and under tree coverage as long as you can see the sky between the trees' leaves. If you are under extremely dense tree cover, you can enable Forest Mode for increased GPS sensitivity. To enable Forest mode:

• Select “System” on the collar

• Scroll down and select “Forest Mode (off)”

• Scroll down and select “Exit” confirming Forest Mode changed to “on”

Learn more about Forest Mode.

Does weather affect SpotOn?

Unlike satellite TV and radio, SpotOn Virtual Fence’s connectivity penetrates through all weather conditions for a constant connection to three global navigation satellite networks (up to 24 satellites at a time!). This allows SpotOn to remain in constant communication when creating and activating your maps, which provides unparalleled accuracy. The collar has been tested to work in temperature conditions of 194ºF through -31ºF.

Battery life

Under normal containment conditions, the battery will last for approximately 24 continuous hours depending on use (factors such as the dog's activity level, how much time he spends indoors, and cellular connection can all effect the battery life). While in tracking mode, the battery will last for 8 continuous hours. We recommend you fully charge the battery after each use—just plug the SpotOn collar in each night as you would your smartphone. Note—to conserve power on the SpotOn collar, the tracking feature can be turned off from your smartphone in the event that you cannot immediately begin searching for your dog.

To get better battery life:

Conserve power by turning off tracking from your phone if you cannot immediately begin searching for your dog. It can be turned on when you're ready.

Charge at night. Fully charging the battery after each use—just plug the SpotOn collar in each night, as you would your smartphone.

Know we've got you covered! The screen automatically shuts off after 30 seconds to conserve battery. Turn it on by hitting any button. It has been communicating with GPS satellites all along. Don’t worry! The fence is not off and the collar is not broken. 😊