Simple, reliable GPS dog fences, powered by superior tech

It’s easy to build custom fences and keep tabs on your dog with SpotOn's geofence dog collar — whether you have ½ acre or 1,000s of acres. So your dog can run free without running into trouble.

See how it works

How it Works

  • 1 Create your custom fence

    • Plan it — any size and shape as long as it's about a half-acre.

    • Build it — Walk your planned boundary with SpotOn's dog collar and your phone or draw your fence in the app.

    • Save it — Use our smartphone app to name your fence and manage it.

  • 2 Train your dog in three steps

    • Watch our simple, professional training videos.

    • Teach your dog to recognize the SpotOn's canine-friendly tones, vibration, and (optional) static correction, so he stays inside the virtual fence.

    • Rest assured that if your dog leaves the yard, SpotOn never corrects him for coming home.

  • 3 Manage it all on your phone

    • Build, save, and edit multiple fences — like one for roaming during the day and one to keep your dog closer to home at night.

    • Turn individual fences on and off with a few taps.

    • Keep tabs on your dog anytime and from anywhere and get instant alerts and real-time tracking if your dog leaves the yard.

Why is SpotOn so accurate and advanced? It’s the tech

True Location™ technology builds on conventional GPS and makes it better, giving you the most reliable fence boundary that never requires calibration. So your dog can have a great adventure, without risking a great escape.

  • The most powerful GPS technology

    SpotOn pulls GPS location data from up to 30 satellites across four global satellite systems, which is more accurate than other pet tech that can only tap into one satellite system at a time.

  • The most precise GPS fence boundaries

    Our patented True Location™ tech pairs the best-available GPS data sensors in the collar that maintain fence boundaries you can count on.

    SpotOn never requires GPS calibration, so your fence boundary will remain consistent over time and always ready to go!

  • The highest noise-resistant antenna there is

    SpotOn's dedicated GPS antenna dynamically filters out GPS signals affected by trees, buildings, or the horizon, which generates more reliable fence boundaries and can pinpoint your dog’s location.

    SpotOn is the only GPS fence to have a dedicated GPS antenna (others have combined GPS/Cell which degrade GPS accuracy).

  • Instant insight into your dog’s whereabouts

    See your dog’s location with the touch of a button. And if your dog leaves the fence, you’ll get a notification and SpotOn will automatically start tracking- updating his location every six seconds (with cell subscription).

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  • Rated best virtual fence

  • Featured in Small Business Standouts

  • 2020 Innovation Award Honoree

  • 2020 Innovation Award Finalist

Is SpotOn right for you?

If these three simple details apply to you, then yes!

  • Property Size
    Property Size

    The right property size: ½ acre or larger.

  • Dog size
    Dog size

    The right dog size: a neck that’s from 10-26 inches.

  • Training

    A commitment to keeping your dog safe: You’ll need to train your dog (in your own yard) to recognize SpotOn’s warning tones and feedback.

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Australian Shephard

Do it!!!! Best thing ever. Very flexible system with options for different needs. It is a great alternative to an invisible fence and much cheaper than a real fence! It gives you the portability to keep your dog safe anywhere you go!


Australian Shephard

ALL Customer Reviews

The custom mapping option is awesome! We have tons of acreage and only allow her to some. You're not burying wire and it's truly cost effective in comparison.



ALL Customer Reviews
German Shorthaired Pointer

With SpotOn, I feel like we have both grown and built trust and independence together. Our last camping trip was a big success, Finn had freedom to move around and do what she wanted as long as I could see her.


German Shorthaired Pointer

ALL Customer Reviews
ALL Customer Reviews

The fence that makes your dog happy and your life easy

So innovative. So reliable. So easy to use. Set up fences, and keep tabs on your dog.

Expert help for training your dog
Expert help for training your dog
  • GPS fences at your fingertips

    • Create custom fences on properties from ½ acre to 1,000s of acres.

    • Walk your fence or draw your boundary in the app.

    • Fence through difficult terrain.

    • Build, save and edit multiple fences.

    • Turn individual fences on and off with a few taps.

  • Advanced tech you can count on

    • Get notified, within seconds, when your dog goes outside the fence.

    • Track your dog’s location on your phone; location updates every 6 seconds (cellular subscription required).

    • Use forest mode to improve reliability in areas with dense tree cover.

    • Rely on the rechargeable battery that lasts up to 22 hours.

    • Create and use GPS-powered fences without cellular.

  • Simple smartphone management

    • Activate fences and manage multiple dogs at once in the app.

    • Change or edit fences with a few taps.

    • Invite friends and family to use the app and care for your dog.

  • Expert help for training your dog

    • Get professionally-developed training programs that’ll have your dog using SpotOn in a few simple steps.

    • Get help from a SpotOn trainer, if you need it.

    • Learn to set vibration and adjust optional static correction to the right level for your dog (level 1-30).

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