Journalist Derrek Sigler Tests the SpotOn Fence: Review



REVIEW: 4/4 Paws Up! 

4/4 Paws Up! Rescue pup, Daisy, found a gap in her new family’s fence where she could escape. 

Her Mom needed a solution for this Newfoundland so she could have her freedom. She considered other options, like a buried wire fence but didn’t like the inflexibility once she installed it. 

She tried the SpotOn Fence and loved how easy it was to create custom fences and adjust them for Daisy’s routine. She also found the SpotOn Fence great for travel and camping, where she would not have been able to build or bury a fence at all. This way, she didn’t have to keep Daisy on a leash or a tie out. She could enjoy the trip as much as everyone else. 


She’s already built fences for her house, her mom’s house, her in-law’s house and looks forward to using it at AirBnBs. Read the full article on