Learning New Boundaries: Finnley's Story


Product Review - Meet Finnley

Finnley is a mini Australian Shephard! Her dog mom, Lisa, had been following a breeder for few years until they finally decided they were ready. She was the last one of the 3 blue merles available and they fell in love with her instantly! Although they wanted to go home with all the puppies, they knew they had to pick… and Finnley was the lucky chosen one. 

Finnley is a very spunky gal, who’s very playful and curious of her surroundings! Being very outgoing, she’s always excited to see any human, especially kids! It’s the most adorable scene watching her be extra gentle around the little ones, chasing and licking them all over! She will play fetch and actually drop the ball for them whereas with the adults, she’ll play tug.

“It is a great alternative to an Invisible Fence®  and much cheaper than a real fence! It gives you the portability to keep your dog safe anywhere you go!”

Just what Finnley needed

Finnley absolutely loves exploring outdoors! So much so that, before SpotOn, it was very difficult to teach her boundaries. She would often leave the yard to chase other dogs or animals! Also, with lots of wooded land that abuts their backyard, the thought of installing a buried wire fence seemed like a nightmare. Though putting up a physical fence crossed their minds, it would have been too costly. Not to mention, it would have been impossible to fence in their 2 acres of land. Choosing that route would have meant that Finnley would be restricted to a much smaller area. The family was very pleased to come across SpotOn and felt it was exactly what they needed to keep their fur baby safe and give her the freedom she deserves. The family also appreciates the quick and easy radius fence feature, which they frequently use when they visit their parent’s house!

Since she has been trained to the system, her relationship with her pet parents has blossomed! She has not only gained more respect for them, but also very much appreciates the fact that they no longer need to keep her on a leash! Her pet parents enjoy watching her reaction when they talk to her in a high-pitched voice to get her extra excited – she always goes bonkers when it’s time to go out! When she’s outside exploring, she can find her romping around and sniffing out bugs or rodents to chase around the yard. 


The family has many adventures to look forward to and is very excited to use the portability feature of the system.  They see many hikes in the woods and off-season visits to the beach in their near future! The only thing slowing them down is constantly having to stop for people who wanting to pet her… but can we blame them?!

For anyone on the fence about SpotOn, Lisa says “Do it!!!! Best thing ever. Very flexible system with options for different needs.”

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