6 Acres of Lakeside Freedom for this Energetic Pup: Poppy's Story


Meet Poppy, an energetic, spunky pup from Newnan, GA! 

This good girl may be only six months old, but she’s as smart as they come. She already knows tons of tricks – she can jump through hoops and weave in and out of your legs – and she just earned her Novice Trick Dog title! Her owners swear she’s a little human that loves to play peekaboo, hide-and-seek, and can catch a ball in her mouth. This smart cookie has even learned to hit buttons to let her owners know she’s out of food or needs to go outside… you’ll know when she sees a critter in the distance because she’ll push her “outside” button repeatedly due to her excitement!

Before SpotOn, Poppy’s owners had to keep a close eye on her while they worked from home, frequently muting their Zoom calls to call her closer to the house. Her family was considering an actual fence, but hated to block the beautiful views of their 40-acre lake in the backyard. Pricing was also an concern - it would be extremely pricey to fence seven acres of land. They knew they’d need to make sacrifices if they chose that route, and that they would have likely only been able to fence in a smaller area for Poppy – leaving her a lot less room to roam. Being a very athletic pooch, her owners were also concerned that she would be able to jump over any fence with ease – they’re convinced she could quite possibly clear a two-story building with a running start.

Poppy’s family was relieved to come across SpotOn Virtual Fence. Thanks to the system, Poppy now has about six acres of yard to play in. This ball of energy has zero complaints now that she has more freedom to roam. When she’s not kayaking with her humans on the lake or doing tricks for her all-time favorite treat (jerky sticks… yum!), her go-to pastime is swimming and watching her feathered friends. Poppy loves to herd her ducks all into a group on the bank… just to chase them back into the water again and swim along with them (how cute!). It’s nearly impossible to keep her out of the water – she must have been a fish in another life.

Now, thanks to SpotOn’s ability to save multiple maps, her pet parents get to decide when it’s okay for her to splash in the lake. Post-COVID, when everyone heads back to the office, Poppy’s owners plan to give her a smaller area to roam in the mornings so that she doesn’t go for a swim… or else everyone would need a bath before work.

“We were able to set boundaries in the water...  Poppy just listens for the beep and knows to turn around.” - Jessica O., Owner

Her pet parents are very happy that they’re now able to get more work done at home. In the beginning, it was difficult to manage such an active and free-spirited puppy with no real fencing solution that worked for their property and needs. Now, they have peace of mind and can work from anywhere while Poppy romps around on the grass. Another unexpected perk is that Poppy is calmer and more obedient in the evenings, since she gets to burn off all her frenetic energy throughout the day!

“Poppy has enjoyed having more freedom to roam and I’m able to sit outside on a conference call without the worry!”

Poppy has tons of outside time to look forward to with all this new freedom. Her owners love SpotOn’s portability feature and plan to take full advantage by using it at their parents’ house, at the beach, and camping. Her family loves to camp anywhere with water or waterfalls and can’t wait to show their newest family member all the beautiful parks Georgia has to offer!

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