4.8/5 Stars for SpotOn's GPS Fence: Hepper Product Review


REVIEW: 4.8 out of 5 stars for SpotOn GPS Fence from Hepper & how she finally contained her escape artist dog with SpotOn!

Allison Dorsey of hepper.com reviews SpotOn GPS Fence, based on her experience with her dog Manic, the ultimate escape-artist. Despite their ‘loosely fenced in’ 2 acre wooded property that she thought would keep Manic home, things didn't work out as planned. 

Manic quickly found a loose board to get out, the first of his many artful escapes. In desperate need of a way to keep her dog safely at home, Allison discovered and tried SpotOn. She shares her experience with and product review of SpotOn in this review, from set-up to training, to tracking to ultimate containment success. While she didn’t think she would need the tracking, she wanted to test it out anyway, and liked the idea of being able to easily see where Manic was (within his fence) on her 2 acre property.  She was impressed to get his exact location 53 feet away. 

Her product review explains how she determined that SpotOn is in fact a good value, based on ease of use, quality, and Customer Service. She also shares some other key features and Pros & Cons.  


 ‘If you have a dog who loves to escape and roam around in places where it shouldn’t, the SpotOn GPS DogFence collar is a wise investment.’ - Allison Dorsey 

And now thanks to SpotOn, her ‘wild at heart’ dog Manic has the freedom to live life unleashed, within his boundary at home.