This Retriever's Wireless Fence Solution: Riggs' Story


REVIEW: SpotOn GPS Fence has given our Golden Retriever, Riggs, so much freedom and safety.

Courtney & Chris of The Carolina Farmhouse moved onto their new fixer-upper farm property, which didn’t have a fence. 

Given all the home improvements the house needed, they couldn’t afford to install a fence or invisible fence right now. They didn’t want their dog Riggs to have to be crated all day, so they tried the SpotOn Fence which has been a godsend for them. 

In this video, you can see how easy and quick it was to set up a fence around their property to keep Riggs off the busy road. Riggs took to the training quickly you can watch to see how he totally respects his boundaries, despite the family trying to coax him to cross. 

Courtney & Chris had fence installations quoted for just part of the property and they were around $5,000 and an invisible fence would have been $3,000, so SpotOn was a good deal.