REVIEW: SpotOn Fence - A perfect solution for this RV adventurer's life at home and on the road


REVIEW: The SpotOn Satellite Dog Fence Protects Bo wherever we go

See how dog owners and avid RV adventurers Mike and Jennifer and their free-range dog Bo use SpotOn on their 10-acre property in Michigan and 5-acre property in Tennessee.

They needed a solution that would allow Bo to roam free throughout their heavily wooded properties, allowed them the flexibility to keep Bo out of briars, burs, and bramble bushes, and is easy to set up at both locations. 

"Bo loves being a free-range dog, unleashed and able to explore his domain. Now, we have a virtual satellite dog fence that lets us set up a truly invisible geofence that gives him the freedom to roam in a specific area that we designate." - Mike Wendland

Can read more about their experience here and see SpotOn in their holiday gift guide here.

Mike and Jennifer are former journalists who now run a booming RV lifestyle site. They have written RV travel guidebooks, host a podcast, and have a YouTube following of over 173K subscribers. They spend about 3/4 of the year traveling North America and sharing their adventures with their fans!