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Business NH Magazine Calls the SpotOn Virtual Fence "Freakin' Cool Tech!"

Given that everything in life is connected to the internet, why not include our pets? OnPoint Systems in Bedford is doing just that with a portable smart collar for dogs.

The SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence is a teched-out dog collar that kicks invisible dog fences up a notch. With SpotOn, dog owners can create as many as 10 invisible fences by simply walking the perimeter of where they want the fence with the dog collar in hand. The device then stores the fences’ locations. One customer even used a utility vehicle to set a boundary encompassing 125 acres and uses the app to track where the dog is at any given time.

The perimeter shows up on the user’s accompanying smartphone app and he or she receives an alert if the dog leaves the containment area. (The GPS system has access to 24 satellites.)

As with other invisible fences, the collar provides audio warnings if the dog ventures too close to the boundaries followed by an optional “static correction.”

If the dog escapes, the collar comes equipped with tracking technology that updates the dog’s location every six seconds and sends alerts to the owner with turn-by-turn directions to the dog’s location. The system is also equipped with a compass setting to track the dog that heads for the woods. If a dog returns on its own, the collar automatically turns off the correction setting and notifies the owner.

This tech was featured in Wired as among the best tech for dogs, won “Product of the Year” from the NH Tech Alliance and was named a “CES 2020 Innovation Award” honoree all in 2019. Not bad for a product that launched only a year ago.

Read the full article at Business NH.

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