SpotOn Ranked #43 in Coveted INC Regionals as one of the Fastest-Growing Private Companies in the Northeast



Manchester, New Hampshire, February 28, 2023 – SpotOn GPS Fence, an industry leader in dog GPS fence solutions, is thrilled to announce its remarkable achievement of securing the 43rd position in the esteemed INC Regionals 2023 Northeast list. This recognition underscores the company's dedication to technological excellence and its commitment to revolutionizing location-based services.

The INC Regionals 2023 Northeast list celebrates the exceptional growth and success of companies in the region, highlighting their contributions to the local economy and business ecosystem. SpotOn GPS Fence's inclusion at number 43 is a testament to its unwavering commitment to innovation, customer satisfaction, and business expansion.

Commenting on this remarkable achievement, Jennifer Joyce Kean, President of SpotOn GPS Fence, stated, "We are proud to be ranked number 43 in the INC Regionals 2023 Northeast list. This recognition validates the hard work and innovation that our team puts into developing a cutting-edge fence that has revolutionized the way we contain our dogs. We remain dedicated to providing our clients with unmatched precision, security, and reliability through SpotOn GPS Fence."

SpotOn GPS Fence has consistently pushed the boundaries of GPS technology by by creating the world's first-ever GPS fence. The company's ability to fine-tune a technology that is inherently inaccurate to have greater accuracy than a cell phone has played a pivotal role in securing its position in the prestigious INC Regionals list.

As a frontrunner in the geofencing solutions arena, SpotOn GPS Fence is known for its unparalleled reliability and flexibility. The company's sophisticated technology and unwavering commitment to client success have positioned it as a true leader in the field.

This recognition in the INC Regionals 2023 Northeast list motivates SpotOn GPS Fence to continue [mention company's future goals and aspirations], ensuring that it remains at the forefront of geofencing innovation.

About SpotOn

SpotOn offers dogs and dog owners a reliable and effective GPS containment system. The only wireless fence to use patented True Location™ technology, SpotOn GPS Fence is the easiest and most accurate way to contain your dog. SpotOn replaces buried wires and base stations with a network of 128 satellites, eliminating the need for professional installation and maintenance. Simply use the app to create a fence in minutes—any size, any shape, and anywhere; train your dog to the tones; and track them in real-time if they leave the fence.   

SpotOn was created by a team with decades of experience developing high-quality electronic devices and a commitment to developing the best products for the pet industry. Recognized as a CES 2020 Innovation Award honoree, SXSW 2020 Innovation Award finalist, and New Hampshire Tech Alliance 2019 Product of the Year, SpotOn has changed the lives of dogs and owners across North America. To learn more about the SpotOn technology and product, visit:, our blog, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.   

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