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The Best Wireless Dog Fence In 2020

Our pet dogs aren’t going to stay in the yard without a little encouragement and training. There is too much out in that big wide world to tempt them away. The neighbours probably have dogs of their own that are fun to play with. Perhaps there are neighbourhood cats or squirrels to chase around. Sometimes that smell down the street is just too enticing.

When dogs are determined enough to leave the yard, and aren’t trained not to, they can run off and get into all sorts of trouble. This is why pet owners need to find the best wireless dog fence.

In this guide, we will discuss some of the options available for wireless and in-ground containment systems. There are some great products out there that can create an electric dog fence around the property. With the right model and the right training, you can ensure that your pet never strays from home again. We will look at some dog fence reviews, while also providing some top tips on finding and using these products.

Why are wireless dog fences so popular with pet owners?

The first question that you might ask here is simple. Why buy one of these electric dog fences when you can put up a physical boundary instead. There are a couple of issues to consider here. The first is the fact that it may not be practical to do so. Homeowner regulations and property plans may mean that you cant secure the entire perimeter. Also, neighbours may not be too keen on you building massive fences adjacent to their own property. Then there is the fact that a physical fence may be no match for your pet. They may be able to dig underneath or jump over it – depending on their physical strength, agility and determination.

This is why so many dog owners turn to these invisible electric dog fences. These systems mean that you can create a boundary that makes no difference to the neighbours, and should be escape-proof. The idea is simple. You set up a boundary – either with a central transmitter or an in-ground wire – and place a receiver on the collar of the dog. When the dog gets too close to the boundary they will receive correction in the form of static, vibration or a sound. With time, they will learn not to pass beyond that point.


Wireless Dog Fence vs In-ground Dog Fence

There are pros and cons to both of these options depending on your property and situation. Let’s take a closer look at both solutions to see which may be best for you.

Wireless dog fence:

Wireless electric dog fences are a little bit different. The basic principles are the same. Dogs still wear the same sort of collars with the same forms of correction. The difference is that the boundary comes from a circular zone with a transmitter in the centre.

In-ground dog fence:

In-ground invisible dog fences use a strong wire through the ground. The border marked out via this wire indicates the boundaries of the property. The transmitter sends a signal to the dog collar and corrects the dog as needed.

There are many different varieties of wireless dog fence on the market, but the SpotOn Virtual Fence was ranked the best in its category of GPS wireless fence!

 The SpotOn Virtual Fence – Best GPS Wireless Dog Fence

This product will stand out to dog owners immediately because of the promises of a customizable perimeter and the smart GPS connection. The idea is that you don’t need that awkward signal from the transmitter when you can set up a GPS locator on the collar and a more adaptive boundary. This area can be any shape between 0.5 and 1000 acres. The collar and your mobile device will work together to keep your dog where they should be.

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