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Introducing SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence – The First and Only Mobile Dog Containment and Tracking System

SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence is the first and only dog containment and tracking system that allows dog owners to take their dogs and virtual smart fence wherever they go. Using state-of-the-art, patented technology and professionally-developed training programs, SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence lets you program containment areas simply by walking a perimeter with the SpotOn collarin hand – at home, at the beach, camping or anywhere in between where dogs can safely be leash-free. The entire system is a collar and a phone app that connects to three global navigation satellite systems and multiple cellular networks.

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SpotOn is the flagship product from OnPoint Systems, LLC, a New Hampshire-based consumer electronics company started by a team with decades of military service and military technology experience. The developers understand the importance of technology that is consistently dependable and protects its users, whether it be a person or a dog.

The SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence Difference

The durable, waterproof collar has a patented antenna design which ensures a strong linkup between the collar and the global satellite networks that enable the SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence system.

The convenient system, which includes the collar, training plans, and smartphone app allows users to store, manage and share up to ten custom virtual smart fences. In addition, the collar serves as the system’s central hub. Because SpotOn relies on global navigation satellite systems and cellular networks, rather than stationary hardware, the collar can be used to create a virtual smart fence wherever the user and their dog go – making the entire system portable.

In the unlikely event that the dog leaves its containment area, dog owners (or whoever is using the system) receive a smartphone alert within ten seconds and will automatically be able to track the dog, displaying their location, direction and proximity. With a reliable local cellular network, users will receive updates every six seconds and be able to locate the dog within ten feet.

Training is also an important and unique part of the system. The SpotOn team partnered with professional dog trainers to develop and test customizable plansfor customers and their dog. Each program offers instructional videos and written directions to guide customers through every step in the process.

“Today, pets are viewed as family members and our primary objective with this product is protection,” said Scott Sterling, president of OnPoint Systems, LLC. “We want our pets to come with us to work, play with us in the backyard, go on outdoor adventures and visit the homes of friends and family. With the SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence, owners enjoy all the benefits of a traditional invisible fence anywhere they go with their pet. We turn the world into your backyard.”

“The SpotOn team has successfully built a consumer product that is as technically sound as the technology we formerly built for the military,” said Ken Solinsky, founder of OnPoint Systems, LLC. “The team behind SpotOn applied their knowledge from developing military equipment to developing products for consumer use. No other companies in the market are combining effective containment or tracking with this level of precision and accuracy.”

“Our expertise is in building products that work every time—because they have to,” said Sung Vivathana, vice president of engineering at OnPoint Systems, LLC. “We hold our collars to the same high standards as the military equipment we developed. SpotOn is built from durable materials and tested under extreme conditions so that your loved one will be safe whenever they wear it.”

Flexibility and Mobility

SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence offers unlimited fence sizes, multiple fences, customizable fence shapes, the ability to create fences through rough terrain (such as water, swamps and rocky areas), perimeter breach notifications, location tracking and alert/warning tones. It’s also fully portable and rechargeable. Other products on the market may offer some of these features, but SpotOn is the only product to offer all of them in one system.


The SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence is currently available for purchase on the product’s website for $1,495.00. This purchase includes one SpotOn collar, 50 training flags, 2 sets of static contact points, static contact point tester/insertion tool, training target and stakes, wall charger and USB cable, Quick Start Guide, downloadable smartphone app and customizable training programs.

The collar is currently designed for dogs with neck sizes ranging from 17-24” and the company is expecting to deliver a device for smaller dogs (neck sizes 12-17”) in Spring 2019.

About SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence 

SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence is the first and only dog containment and tracking system that lets users take their dog and fence wherever they go. Unlike traditional electric fences, SpotOn’s patented technology lets users program containment areas simply by walking a perimeter—at home, at the beach, camping or anywhere in between. The entire system is a collar and a phone app that connects to three global navigation satellite services and multiple cellular networks. To learn more about the SpotOn technology and product, visit:, our blog, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

About OnPoint Systems, LLC 

Established in 2015 by the founders of Insight Technology, OnPoint Systems, LLCis fueled by decades of experience developing high-quality electronic devices for military and law enforcement professionals. It is with their commitment to no-nonsense performance that they now bring their newest product to the consumer marketplace: SpotOn Virtual Fence System—a dog containment and tracking device that sets a new paradigm for the pet industry.


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