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Keeping them contained at home and on the road

Keeping them contained at home and on the road

Today’s pet owners love their homes but also have a get-up and go attitude, even with poochy. In many cases, they are fans of pet-friendly vacation home rentals. Some of which you can find on sites such as Airbnb.

Pet-friendly vacation options give you more room and even a yard for your pet to play, but you have to keep him safe. So, consider Spot-On.  SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence is the first and only all-in-one dog containment and tracking system that lets users take their dog and virtual fence wherever they go. Unlike traditional electric fences, SpotOn’s patented technology lets users program up to 10 containment areas simply by walking a perimeter — at home, camping or anywhere in between – no buried wires or base stations needed. In the unlikely event that the dog leaves its containment area, dog owners receive a smartphone alert within ten seconds and will automatically be able to track the dog in real-time with turn-by-turn directions or compass mode.

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