SpotOn Featured on Pet Life Today: The Best Wireless Dog Fences (2019 Reviews)


If you’re in the market for a simple solution to your canine escape artist, your strangely shaped property, or your other backyard woes, you’re probably in the market for a wireless dog fence. And that means, you probably feel like you’re drowning amidst the online deluge of invisible containment systems, wireless fences, electric dog fences, in-ground fences and other similar solutions. There are hundreds, if not thousands of options available, which leads you down a frustrating path: What are the most important features? What’s the difference between all these fences? And which is the best wireless dog fence for you?

We reviewed dozens of wireless dog fences to identify the best of the best. We looked at perimeter fences that create an area of effect and fences that require a wire be buried, as well as those that will push a dog out of an area.

In addition to looking for a dog fence, you should probably also look into investing in an electronic dog doors. Dog doors are a great and easy way for your dog to safely travel outdoors on their own.

The SpotOn System

SpotOn Collar

SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence is the first and only all-in-one dog containment and tracking system that lets users take their dog and virtual fence wherever they go. Unlike traditional electric fences, SpotOn’s patented technology lets users program up to 10 containment areas simply by walking a perimeter — at home, camping or anywhere in between — no buried wires or base stations needed. In the unlikely event that the dog leaves its containment area, dog owners receive a smartphone alert within ten seconds and will automatically be able to track the dog in real-time with turn-by-turn directions or compass mode.

Key features:

  • Durable, waterproof collar, tested to IP67 standards, and has a patented antenna design which ensures a strong linkup between the collar and the global satellite networks that enable the SpotOn System
  • Each program offers instructional videos and written directions to guide customers through every step in the process
  • SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence was created by engineers who previously developed technology for the military and understand the need for dependability when it matters most
  • SpotOn relies on global navigation satellite systems and cellular networks, so the collar can be used to create a virtual smart fence wherever the user and their dog go – making the entire system portable

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