SpotOn Virtual Fence Launches Corporate Responsibility Program ‘Retrieve by SpotOn’, a Microchipping Initiative


SpotOn Virtual Fence Launches Corporate Responsibility Program ‘Retrieve by SpotOn’, a Microchipping Initiative

Company Kicks Off Initiative with Donation of More than 6k Microchips to Michelson’s Found Animals

Manchester, NH | August 18, 2020 – SpotOn Virtual Fence, the world’s first dog containment and tracking system, is proud to announce the launch of their corporate social responsibility program, Retrieve by SpotOn. Rooted in the mission to keep dogs safe and re-connect all lost dogs with their families, the initiative provides microchipping and registration to shelter dogs prior to adoption. It also aims to spotlight the importance of microchipping and to provide future dog owners with a level of education on what microchipping is and how it should be factored into safety plans for pets.

According to the Journal of American Veterinary Medical Association, only about 22% of lost dogs that enter an animal shelter are reunited with their families. However, the return-to-owner rate for microchipped dogs was more than 52%. To increase that return rate, SpotOn has focused their corporate responsibility program, Retrieve by SpotOn, on donating microchips to Michelson’s Found Animals (MFA). With this initiative, every SpotOn collar sold will result in the donation of four microchips to the MFA.

“Michelson’s Found Animals is grateful and honored to receive this sponsorship from SpotOn Virtual Fence's Retrieve program, which enables us to supply an additional 6,250 microchips via the Humane Societies of the United States’ #SpayTogether campaign helping organizations impacted by COVID-19 related closures,” said Brett Yates, Michelson’s Found Animals Executive Director. “With our similar missions, we look forward to future collaborations where we can work together to save more pets.”

According to that same study, only 58% of the microchipped animals’ microchips had been registered in a database with their pet parent’s contact information. SpotOn realized this need to not only share the importance of microchipping dogs, but also the need to register that microchip. With that, SpotOn intends to educate its customers on how microchips can safeguard their dogs to a degree but reiterate that they will also need a plan in place that includes training, GPS technology, and a containment solution to truly keep their pet safe.

SpotOn’s inaugural donation of 6,250 microchips to Michelson’s Found Animals (MFA), will be distributed through the Humane Society of the United States’ #SpayTogether program. The donation will take place through the month of August and will benefit shelters in Louisiana, Oklahoma and Mississippi.

The SpotOn Virtual Fence was designed to not only keep pets safe, but to allow them freedom while doing so. This principle aligns with MFA’s mission of “Saving Pets, Enriching Lives”, and together they will benefit thousands of pets and pet parents.

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of Retrieve by SpotOn,” stated Jennifer Joyce, President of OnPoint Systems, parent company of SpotOn Virtual Fence. “Having a ‘give back’ component to our business has always been of critical importance to us and building on the tenet of safety and staying connected to family is what led us directly to partner with Michelson’s Found Animals on our very first multi-unit donation. We look forward to continuing to help dogs in need!”

About Michelson’s Found Animals:

The Michelson Found Animals Foundation is a non-profit supporting pet owners and animal welfare organizations; our mission is Saving Pets, Enriching Lives. In addition to creating the first free microchip registry, we run adoption centers, research non-invasive spay/neuter technology, and sell affordable high-quality products—all in the service of pets.

About SpotOn Virtual Fence:

SpotOn Virtual Fence gives dogs the freedom to be dogs and owners the peace of mind to let them. The only truly wireless containment solution, SpotOn replaces buried wires and base stations with GPS technology—eliminating the need for professional installation and maintenance. Simply use the collar to walk a perimeter anywhere, creating an instant containment area of unlimited shape and size. Completely connected, SpotOn offers escape notifications, status updates, and easy map management right on your smartphone.

SpotOn was created by a team with decades of experience developing high-quality electronic devices and a commitment to developing the best products for the pet industry. Recognized as a CES 2020 Innovation Award honoree, SXSW 2020 Innovation Award finalist, American Business Association’s Product of the Year and People’s Choice award winner, and New Hampshire Tech Alliance 2019 Product of the Year, SpotOn has changed the lives of dogs and owners across North America. To learn more about the SpotOn technology and product, visit:, our blog, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.