SpotOn Mentioned in PopSugar


SpotOn conducted a nationwide survey last summer and found out that at least 50% of dog owners have shared their bed with their pooch at one point or another.

PopSugar has mentioned SpotOn's research in their recent article, Sharing the Bed With Your Dog Has Pros and Cons — Vets Explain What You Need to Know.

"For some people, there's nothing better than cuddling with their pooches. And a growing number of people are snuggling up with furry companions at night. In fact, according to a survey sponsored by SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence, 50 percent of dog owners say their dog sleeps in a family member's bed. But is having your pup sleep next to you really a good habit? Pet experts have mixed opinions. On the one hand, there are many benefits to cosleeping with your dog. But on the other, there are also many concerns. What's a pet owner to do?"

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