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The SpotOn System Featured in the Boston Globe

When Ken Solinsky bought a second home in Florida, his golden retriever Kai quickly decided to check out his new pool. But the water didn’t agree with her: Kai developed irritating hot spots.

The SpotOn Virtual Fence System featured in the Boston Globe

So Solinsky set up a virtual fence to keep her high and dry — an electronic barrier linked to a high-tech collar that emitted two harmless but attention-grabbing warning tones any time she got close to the pool. The collar can also deliver a mild static shock, but Solinsky said he opted not to use that feature.The technology behind the so-called invisible fence — and electronic collars — isn’t new, but Solinsky says his startup, OnPoint Systems, is using it in a unique way. Unlike most invisible fences, which have to be installed in fixed positions — such as on the perimeter of a yard — the Bedford, N.H., company’s SpotOn device is built into a dog’s collar. That makes it portable. Wherever the dog goes, so does the barrier. OnPoint says it can cover an unlimited area, thanks to satellite technology.

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SpotOn System featured in the Boston Globe