Learning the tones and testing static correction


The best way to experience what your dog will experience is to go outside and create a 20-meter circle map. Then you can walk the boundary and listen for the tones your dog will hear. Once you're clued in to what your dog hears and approximately where he hears it, it will be easier to start training. This is also a great time to test static correction. Here’s what you need to do!

Create a Circle Map


  • Select Create Map
  • Select Circle Map
  • Select 20

Next, walk toward the boundary of the map. You should hear the alert tone about 10 feet away from the boundary and hear the warning tone about five feet from the boundary. Static correction will happen at the boundary. 

Test Static Correction

how to test static correction:

  • Make sure the static contact points are installed and tight (you can use the back side of the tester for this) 
  • Place the contact point tester on the contact points and press to snap it in place
  • Activate static correction by crossing a map boundary, or by issuing a correction in the app.

The tester should emit an orange glow when a static correction is issued.

Watch this quick video for a demonstration.