5 Must-Have Pet Tech Products for Technology Lovers


We recently attended the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas and were impressed by the increasing number of Pet Tech products. They aim to keep your pet safe, improve their health, make their life more interesting, or just make it easier for you to care for them. Here are our top five dog technology finds. Let us know if you have found any really cool or must-have dog tech products in the comments below.

WESTLINK’s 6L Automatic Feeder

WESTLINK thinks there's a better way to feed your dog.

With the WESTLINK’s 6L Automatic Feeder, you can auto-feed and auto-measure meal time... perfect for dogs who eat too fast, or who have been leaving uneaten food behind. It's also convenient for pet parents who work outside the home and can’t be there for every feeding!

Boasting a capacity of six liters and an easily programmable automatic feeder, you’ll be able to spend dramatically less time attending to your dog’s meal times. You can set the device to administer up to 4 meals per day, with each meal dispensing 1 to 39 portions.

While there are many more features we could shine a spotlight on, our favorite is the voice recorder. We love that you can use it to record a short message to beckon your four-legged friend to come for meals. It doesn’t get more futuristic than that!  

Autoslide Automatic Pet Door

Gone are the days when you had to cut an unsightly hole in your back door in order for your dog to freely go in and out of the house. The Autoslide System makes your existing sliding door automatic for your pet. You can choose to activate the door three ways: dog motion, RFID tags your dog wears, or a pad in front of the door (like at the grocery store). With the iLock feature, the door will automatically lock every time it closes. Now your puppy can do his business and run free when he wants.

Furbo Dog Camera

Imagine if you could keep in contact with your dog even when you’re far away from home. Imagine no more, as that’s precisely what the Furbo Dog Camera lets you do. While previously, dog cameras on the market only had the capability to show grainy images, Furbo’s offering shows just how far this technology has come.

It’s quickly become one of the most well-known and highly reviewed dog cameras on the market for numerous reasons. It’s notable that it was designed with input from 5000+ vets and professional dog trainers, so you can rest assured this isn’t simply another gimmicky product.

With features like the 160° wide-angle lens, 4X digital zoom, infrared LED night vision, and 2-way audio, the Furbo Dog Camera lets you keep tabs on your dog to make sure they’re happy and safe while you’re away. It even comes with a barking alert, so you can make sure everything is a-ok with your dog even if you’re not within arms reach.

iDogmate Big Dog Ball Launcher

You love to play fetch with your dog, but if your dog is like ours he would love to play for hours after your arm has gone numb.

With the iDogmate Ball Launcher, your pup can continue to play on his own. This toy allows the dog to load a ball in the hopper and the unit then propels the ball for him to fetch. You can set it to launch balls 10, 20, 30, or 40 feet. What a great way for your pup to play while running in your backyard using the SpotOn Fence!

The iDogmate Ball Launcher gets positive reviews and owners report it works well and lasts, although it may take a bit of training to teach your dog how to load the balls. It comes with three special balls that work with the system, but also works with regular tennis balls.

Nomad Pets Pooper Scooper Set

As dog owners, one of the least glamorous things we must do is deal with our dogs’ poop. There isn’t any way around it, which is why we love any tool that makes this job easier. Enter the pooper scooper. It has long helped make cleaning up poop quick and easy, which is why it’s such a fixture in many dog owners’ toolkits.

As you’ll discover when on the hunt for one, there are a wide variety of pooper scoopers on the market. Many use a metal tray and rake design, which does the job just fine. However, if you want a premium pooper scooper that is a step-up from this design, the Nomad Pets Pooper Scooper Set is it. 

This jaw-style design ‘grabs’ your dog’s messes in one swift action and has a long handle for ease of use. The waste collection bucket is also non-stick, so you won’t have to worry about lengthy cleanups. 

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