Dog Couch Potato. How much exercise do dogs need?


Do ever get the feeling that your dog is a couch potato? Your dog probably sleeps a lot and that’s normal. Puppies sleep on average 20 hours a day with adults needing about 13 hours a day and seniors 18 hours. So don’t worry if your dog spends a lot of time on the couch.

However, almost all dogs have to get exercise every day to be both physically and mentally healthy. Otherwise, you might experience chewed furniture, whining, or bratty behavior. As long as your dog gets the exercise that’s required for their breed, size and age they will be healthy and happy.

Use our dog calculator to figure out how much exercise your dog needs

Learn more about exercise by dog breed from our consulting veterinarian, Dr. Marissa Fitzgerald.

Written by: Jennifer Joyce, the President of SpotOn Fence and one of the people entrusted to serve French Bulldogs, Lucy & Henry. She grew up on a farm in Oregon with Golden Retriever, Butch, and black cat, Lucky. Their lifestyle of running free on the farm inspired her to join SpotOn to help more dogs run free off leash. She has over 10 years of pet industry experience for brands such as Kurgo & Embark Vet. She has written about many topics related to incorporating pets into your life, such as hiking, camping, urban exploring, travel safety and international travel.

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