Creating Additional Fences with SpotOn


So you’ve already set up your first fence and trained your pup to respect the tones, and given him freedom to roam – safely. But now it’s time for a change; maybe you’re camping, visiting family, or the seasons are changing bringing with them new hazards – like extra muddy spots in your lawn or a newly frozen-over pond.

Whatever the reason, it’s time to create an additional fence!

If you’re on-the-go, say, visiting friends, taking the RV out, or walking on the beach and don’t intend on staying long, you may want to draw a fence on the SpotOn App. This is easy to do and will give your pup some space to romp and sniff… all in an instant!

Draw a Fence

For the quickest fence design, simply sketch a fence outline directly within the app. No need to walk the perimeter of your property. This is an excellent option for larger properties where you have some flexibility with the boundaries, and it's also convenient for on-the-go fence planning or when visiting friends and family. Additionally, you can always refine your fence design after testing the boundaries. Watch this brief video to see how effortless it is.

See how easy it is to draw a custom fence with SpotOn!

Walk the Fence Perimeter

To create a new custom fence, follow the same steps you took when you created your first fence. Plan your boundary by picking out or placing landmarks along the route. Choose one of your landmarks as a starting point, then hold the collar with the antenna facing skyward, tap the Start button, and walk the boundary.  As you walk SpotOn automatically places one virtual fence post about every 5 feet. You don’t need to walk in straight lines—the boundary can be curved if needed. And if you stand still for a moment SpotOn will wait until you move.

When you're about 10 feet from your starting landmark, tap Finish, and SpotOn will complete the fence. Then test the fence. Don’t forget that you can utilize the Pause feature if you’d like to fence through treacherous terrain, like hills, rocks, or water.

Activate Off-Grid Mode

Calling all campers, hikers, and overlanders! In 2024, SpotOn released Off-Grid Mode, which allows you to create an offline fence and load it to the collar with Bluetooth, even when you don't have any service.

Watch our Off-Grid Mode Tutorial!

Smart Boundary Planning

Make sure that your new fence follows these basic requirements:

  • Not too narrow: Fences must be at least 80 feet wide
  • Not too close to buildings: Ensure your dog has enough room to roam around structures like your house, barn, shed, etc.
  • Not too close to hazards: SpotOn is powered by GPS technology, so GPS shift can naturally occur. If you make sure your fence is at least 15 feet away from hazardous or off-limits areas, you'll achieve the proper buffer zone to allow for drift while keeping your dog safe.

Activating a Saved Fence

To activate a saved fence, simply:

  • Open the app
  • Go to the "Dogs" screen
  • Tap "Connect to Manage" 
  • Tap "Select Fence"
  • Choose which fence you'd like to activate

That's all there is to it! Creating additional fences is truly as simple as creating your first fence.  We hope that you and your pup enjoy all the places your additional fences allow you to explore!

Ready to live life unleashed?

Order SpotOn today and enjoy a lifetime of freedom! 

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