Set Boundaries Through Water With SpotOn's Waterproof GPS Dog Collar


Dive right in! Let your pup swim, splash, and play in the rain with SpotOn.

The SpotOn collar is waterproof to IP67 standards. That means your pup can wear it in the rain, in the sprinkler, and even swim with it!

One of the things that makes the SpotOn waterproof GPS dog collar so unique is that you can literally create a fence anywhere there is a view of the sky. You can even create a fence THROUGH water.

What’s the best way to give your pup, part of the pond, some beachy shoreline, or a place to cool off in the stream. Simply use the SpotOn app!

How does this work when trying to create a fence through water?

Do you want to make a fence on a beach, through a pond, or along a river? Maybe your dog likes to swim and you want him to access the water but don’t want him to get too far? Simply draw your fence on the SpotOn app so you can fence around or through water without getting wet. 

Tips and Tricks

  • Check your SpotOn collar for nicks, cuts, cracks, or other damage. Look for any imperfections that could allow water to get in. Always rinse the collar with tap water after a swim in the ocean, lake, or pool.
  • Include your dock! If your dog loves to dive, ensure they have enough space to make a splash and safely swim to shore.
  • Need more Precision? Some SpotOn users create their fences in Kayaks to create swimming areas for their pups (think virtual swim area buoys)! 

Ready for an Outdoor Adventure

Bring home SpotOn today and swim and splash without worry, knowing your dog has secure boundaries.

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