Do I need static correction to ensure my dog will stay within his fence?


Q&A with Sung, VP of Engineering

Find out how SpotOn keeps your pup inbounds and uses static correction as a true last resort!

Unlike other systems out there, SpotOn uses two sets of audible tones before a vibration and optional static correction and NEVER issues a correction for dogs returning home. SpotOn offers a training program that begins with target training and focus on conditioning your dog to return to a target at the center of the space at the sound of the tones. If you choose to use static correction, your pup will only get corrected after they have traveled through roughly 15 feet of warning area. This not only allows for static correction to be used as a last resort but also helps train the dog to his SpotOn fence in new locations.

For more information on training, check out our Training Guide and videos.

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