The Surprising Link Between Your Dog's Inflammation and Gut Health—Can Cocomega Fats Help?


Let's talk about a serious topic today - inflammation in our dogs. It's a complex process that involves immune cells, signaling molecules, and other factors that occur when your furry friend's body senses an injury or infection. Now, inflammation is a normal and important response to help heal and protect your dog. This body function certainly exists for a reason. But, if it becomes persistent and chronic, it can actually harm your dog by wearing down their body and shortening their lifespan.

Inflammation in your dog’s body stems from a surprising place—their microbiome. The first place we find inflammation is often in the digestive tract, and when inflammation is present here, it becomes a major issue that can lead to other health problems including allergies, digestive issues and even diabetes. So, what's causing it and what can we do about it?

Friends, the issue of gut inflammation in dogs is a critical one, and it all comes down to the fats they consume. You see, not all fats are created equal. Some provide the building blocks for good health, while others can be destructive to your best friend’s wellbeing. But, I have discovered a class of fats that I like to call "superfats." These special fats create a phenomenon known as the Cocomega™ effect, which can dramatically improve gut health and extend your dog's lifespan. Don't let your pup fall victim to the dangers of gut inflammation—embrace the power of superfats.

One half of the equation is easy: omega-3 fatty acids. These anti-inflammatory powerhouses, found in sources like salmon oil and flaxseed, are key to relieving inflammation in your dog's gut.

That's where the other half of the cocomega equation comes in: coconut oil. The combination of omega-3s with coconut oil, with its effective MCTs and lauric acid, can have a profound impact on your dog's microbiome. Not only does it have anti-inflammatory properties and suppress bad gut bacteria too, but it also improves nutrient absorption of omega-3s and supports the growth of healthy gut bacteria. When we combine omega-3s with coconut oil, they have a synergistic effect on each other that radically boosts your dog’s immune system.

In my new book The Canine Cocomega™ Effect, I explore nearly 100 clinical studies showing how the combination of omega-3s with coconut oil can have a positive impact on your dog's gut health—and help reduce their chronic inflammation in the process.

But beware, seed oils high in inflammatory omega-6, such as sunflower and canola oil, can actually deteriorate your dog’s health. These cheap oils are commonly found in most fresh dog food and dry kibble too. If you haven’t checked the label on your dog’s food to see if they’re inside—I recommend doing so now.

By providing a balanced mix of the right types of fats, we can relieve your dog's digestion and promote long-term health. That’s why my company yumwoof! has painstakingly formulated our recipes to include the right amount of Cocomega superfats in our dog food. Every day, I meet pet parents whose dogs suffer from a variety of gut issues, and the health results that can be achieved simply by feeding your dog the right food is incredible.

So, why not give your dog the gift of gut health? Start by introducing the right amount of Cocomega superfats through a Cocomega-complete dog food. I assure you the results of investing more in your dog’s nutrition will speak for themselves. Want to learn more about the science behind the Cocomega effect? Pick up a copy of my book today at Your dog deserves nothing but the best health, and superfats are the key!

Author Bio:
Jaron Lukas is CEO and founder of the non-GMO dog food brand yumwoof! Their premium air-dried food is personalized for every dog’s breed—driven by data analytics and 250 clinical studies. Previously, Jaron founded the VC-backed fintech startup Coinsetter, which he sold in 2016. He also worked for J.P. Morgan and graduated from Rice University on the Presidents Honor Roll. Besides dog nutrition, he’s passionate about history, biochemistry and daily meditation.

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