Fence Through Water with SpotOn

Dive right in. Let your pup play in the rain, swim, and splash with SpotOn!

The SpotOn collar is waterproof to IP67 standards. That means your pup can wear it in the rain, in the sprinkler, and even swim with it!

One of the things that makes the SpotOn Virtual fence so unique is that you can literally create a fence anywhere there is a view of the sky. You can even create a fence THROUGH water.

What’s the best way to give your pup, part of the pond, some beachy shoreline, or a place to cool off in the stream. Use the Pause feature so you can give your pup access to water without getting wet yourself!

Pause lets you automatically snap a straight line between two points. 

Press "Pause" 

While walking your boundary

Walk around obstacle 

Water, thick brush, bushes, etc.

Press "Resume" 

When your ready to start walking your boundary again

Now you can fence through anything and you'll never have to traverse cumbersome terrain again!


How does this work when trying to create a map through water?

Do you want to make a map on a beach, through a pond, or along a river? Maybe your dog likes to swim and you want him to access the water but don’t want him to get too far? Use the pause feature so you can map around or through water without getting wet. We have even had SpotOn users create their maps in Kayaks to create swimming areas for their pups (think virtual swim area buoys)! 

Part of a pond

Give your pup part of the pond. Go to one shoreline, hit Pause, go the other side and hit resume and then continue mapping the rest of your property on foot.

Include a dock

Do you have a dock? Stand on the end of the dock to begin your fence, hit pause, walk back to the beach and hit resume. Continue your fence as normal.

Virtual Buoys

Make virtual buoys. Want to make an invisible barrier to keep your pup from getting too far (kind of like the floating ones you see at public beaches)? Stand at the shore and hit pause, walk, swim, or boat to the point you want your map to end, hit resume, hit pause, walk, swim or boat to the next point, hit pause, hit resume, and off to the next point (or the shore) and so on! Once you are out of the water, resume you map and continue on fencing the rest of the property.

Remember, before setting your pup loose to doggie paddle around the pond, check your SpotOn collar for nicks, cuts, cracks, or other damage that could allow water to get in. Always rinse collar with tap water after a swim in the ocean, lake, or pool.

Want to see PAUSE in action? Watch our video on how to make a fence.

If you have questions about mapping through water, email us at Support@SpotOnFence.com or give us a call Monday-Friday 9am – 5pm at 1.603.488.1504.


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