How does cellular service work with SpotOn?

Q&A with Sung, VP of Engineering

Find out what cellular service is used for with SpotOn and if it's required to fence your pup!

SpotOn does not rely on cellular connection to function, so you do not need cell signal to set up a containment area. Cellular connection is used for additional features that allow your collar to communicate with your phone. Adding cellular connection is optional and only needed if you plan on using connectivity for additional features such as receiving escape notifications, tracking your pup, and displaying their name and your telephone number on the collar’s screen. This feature uses AT&T and T-Mobile. Your smartphone can use any carrier of your choice and both the collar and your smartphone must have a cellular connection (just like making a call between two smartphones) in order to receive notifications and track your dog. SpotOn offers 12 months of free connectivity with every purchase. After the 12-month trail period, there is a subscription of $6.95/ month. Cancel at any time.


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