Overcome obstacles with the “Pause” feature


One of the things that makes the SpotOn System so unique is that you can create a fence anywhere there is a view of the sky. Clear blue sky, cloudy sky, sky hidden by trees, any sky will work here, which quite literally makes the sky the limit! The fact that you are completely unrestricted by location means you could create a fence over any terrain the earth’s surface has to offer and since dogs love to explore why keep them out of some of these interesting (but safe) locations? Well, you’re thinking "Because, I DO NOT want to walk through that.”

Well, we thought of that and you don’t have to. How? The Pause feature. The SpotOn System has a handy feature that allows you to traverse cumbersome terrain without ever setting foot on it, in it, or through it! Simply press the “Pause” button while walking your boundary, then press “Resume” when the terrain allows you to continue your path. SpotOn will automatically “snap” a straight line between the two points. This is also useful when your GPS fence needs to pass through a building (like your house).

When will this come in handy? Here are a few scenarios where the Pause feature is a sneaker-saver.

Around water

Do you want to make a fence on a beach, through a pond, or along a river? Maybe your dog likes to swim and you want him to access the water but don’t want him to get too far? Use the Pause feature so you can fence around or through water without getting wet. Here is an example of how we fenced around water. We have even had SpotOn users, create their fences in Kayaks to create swimming areas for their pups (think virtual swim area buoys)! Note, the yellow line represents the alert tone, the red line represents the warning tone, and the white line represents the fence's boundary (where the dog will receive a vibration - and static correction if it is enabled). 


Do you have bushes or a rocky patch that crosses the border of your fence? Use the Pause feature to snap a straight line over these obstacles. 


Rough terrain

Do you want to traverse a swamp or muddy patch? Maybe there is a slope that is too slippery to brave? Use the Pause feature to save yourself from walking in places that might be unsafe or inconvenient for you but not for your dog! 

Extremely large fences

The Pause feature is very helpful here for a few reasons.


  1. Your arm will not get tired from facing the collar’s antenna to the sky. If you have an acre or two you want to fence you don’t have to hold that collar to the sky for the entire boundary. If you are going to be walking long straightaways, use Pause and give your arm a break.
  2. Is your fence so large it would be easier to drive it in a car, on a bike, or on an ATV? You can pause your fence and drive between points—just note that the Pause feature will snap a straight line between two points.
  3. If your fence is several acres or square miles (say you’re fencing a farm), use the Pause feature to make your boundaries. The SpotOn System will create fences with up to 1,000 waypoints (twists and turns)—you would be surprised how fast this will add up if your fence is over 5 acres. Use the Pause feature to minimize waypoints when fencing straight lines or trudging through thick brush or forest.

Fencing through a structure

Maybe you don’t want your dog around the back of the garage or barn. Use the Pause feature to snap a line through the building. 

Straight edges

Maybe you want your fence to have a nice clean line from one point to another. Use pause to snap a straight line between two landmarks.

    Want to see PAUSE in action? Watch our video on how to make a fence.

    Are there creative ways you have used Pause? Email us at support@spotoncollar.com and you, your pup, and your fence could be featured.

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