SpotOn GPS: Empowering Vinnie the Aussiedoodle to Run Free on His Ranch


Meet Vinnie, a cuddly Aussiedoodle from Fairhope, Alabama.

Living on a sprawling 10-acre property in Fairhope, AL, with heavy tree coverage and a busy highway nearby, Shelly faced the challenge of keeping her beloved dog Vinnie safe within the boundaries of their land.  Shelly's concerns about her heavily forested property limiting her options for a GPS pet containment system grew after she experimented with other systems that failed to provide a reliable signal. However, all her worries were put to rest once Shelly stumbled upon SpotOn GPS.

Reliable Location Tracking in Challenging Environments:

‘One of the standout features of SpotOn GPS that truly impressed us was the forest mode. Given our property's heavy tree coverage, we were concerned about the reliability of GPS tracking. However, SpotOn's forest mode has surpassed our expectations, providing us with accurate and dependable location information for Vinnie, even in the midst of dense foliage. This feature has given us peace of mind, knowing that we can always pinpoint Vinnie's whereabouts on our vast property.’ Shelly Gensmer-Cleek, Vinnie’s mom.

Effective Training with the 3-Stage Correction:

Ensuring that Vinnie stayed within the property boundaries was of utmost importance to Shelly. SpotOn's revolutionary 3-stage alert, warning, and correction system completely transformed the training process. Its effectiveness has surpassed expectations, and gave the ability to gradually teach Vinnie the boundaries without resorting to harsh methods. This tool has truly facilitated Vinnie's understanding and compliance, making training efforts more successful and rewarding.

Six Months of SpotOn Excellence

‘We have been using SpotOn GPS with Vinnie for approximately six months now, and we can confidently say that it has transformed our lives as pet owners. The system's reliability, accuracy, and effectiveness have made it an indispensable tool in managing Vinnie's safety on our property.’ ‘The ability to save multiple, overlapping fences has been a game-changer. It allows us to adjust Vinnie's virtual fence based on our location and whether we have let the horses roam freely. This flexibility ensures Vinnie can run and play without endangering himself or crossing the horses boundaries.'

Check out Shelly & Vinnie in action:

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