7 Best Dog Gadgets and Tech Gifts

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For that tech savvy, always connected pet parent on your list, We have rounded up the 7 most exciting dog tech gifts to make your pup happy and make your life easier. This dog technology can keep you connected to your pet and pandemic pups busy while you take Zoom calls or start to transition back to the office. Many can be managed on your smartphone so you can monitor your pet, track their behavior and stay engaged.

iFetch Too, $229.99

The iFetch automatic ball launchers will keep your dog busy for hours indoors or outdoors. The original version is for small to medium sized dogs and comes with 3 mini tennis balls.  The iFetch Too is for bigger dogs and launches standard sized tennis balls. Once each machine is powered up, your dog just drops the ball into the top of the launcher and it shoots it out for him or her to chase. They're great for keeping your pup occupied and happy while you’re away or busy with work or remote learning. Pair it with the SpotOn System and you have the perfect outdoor solution to keep your dog well exercised. Both toys are winners of "Best New Dog Product" awards at SuperZoo and Global Pet Expo industry trade shows. The iFetch sells for $129.99 and the iFetch Too is $229.99 at iFetch.

Petcube, $39.99 - $249

Petcube offers 3 different pet video cameras so you can monitor your dog while you are away or in the next room. The basic cam has live streaming video with a 110 degree wide angle view and two-way audio so you can talk to your dog and hear his response. Play 2 has a laser toy, which will interest your cat, but it also has a wider angle view at 160 degrees along with upgraded audio. The Bites 2 model has a 160 degree view, upgraded audio, and you can dispense a treat to your dog if he’s been a good boy! Both the Play 2 & Bites 2 models integrate with Alexa so you can play your pup’s favorite music and order supplies from Amazon. They also have night vision enabling you to see up to 30 feet in darkness. Cam $39.99, Play 2 $199, Bites 2 Lite $124.95 and Bites 2 $249. At Petcube.

iCalm Dog 5.0, $59.95

If you have an anxious or particularly barky dog on your list, this Bluetooth speaker plays musical arrangements that have been clinically proven to calm dogs. The dog and pet parent will thank you. You can purchase audio cards with different styles or stream it from their service. The speaker itself is compact and portable and has Bluetooth, FM, and USB ports for connectivity. The 5.0 has a battery life of 24 hours and you can add extra power with an iCalm battery pack. The speaker is just $59.95, but there are many packages that include audio cards and additional power options. Purchase at iCalmpet.com.

WoPet Automatic Dog Feeder, $139.99

The WOpet Sprite Ⅱ 7L WiFi Smart Feeder allows you to feed your dog specific portions at certain times or remotely feed the dog through their smartphone app. This is great for days you need to be away a little longer than normal or for puppies who need to be fed a few times a day. It has an HD camera so it doubles as a pet cam with video and 2-way voice. You can record your voice to accompany feeding time to encourage your pet to eat. It also allows you to send pictures and videos taken by the camera directly to your pet’s social media account. It can only dispense dry food and holds about 20 cups of food. WOpet Sprite Ⅱ 7L WiFi Smart Feeder is $139.99 at WOpet.com.



WickedBone, $69.99

This interactive robotic dog toy plays with your dog and keeps them mentally stimulated. When set to auto play, it reacts to your dog’s movement. For example, if your dog runs towards it while in auto play mode, it will roll away. If your dog runs away, it will chase them. You may also control the robot from your smartphone and play games with your pup. It’s durable enough to use outside or inside and is BPA free. WickedBone, $69.99 at Cheerble.

High Tech Pet Wifi Controlled Power Pet Door, $499     

This pet door is packed with features. It can be mounted on a door or wall and your dog’s ultrasonic pet collar will open and close it so other animals cannot get in. You can fully manage it remotely from your smartphone as long as you have a connection to cellular or Wifi. This includes opening or closing it, turning it off, holding it open, and setting days and times your dog is allowed to use it. It also logs the door’s use so you can review your dog’s patterns. They offer doors from small to large with the large opening at 12”X16”, which is big enough for dogs up to 100 pounds. Installation is now offered through a network of installers. You can purchase the medium for $449.99 and the large for $499.99 at High Tech Pet. It’s also available on Amazon.


Roomba® s9+ Robot Vacuum, $1,099

If you have a busy person on your list that needs some help keeping their home clean of pet hair and dirt, this robot vacuum cleaner by iRobot® is the best for people with pets. It’s Wi-Fi connected and can be managed with their smartphone so it’s techy enough to make them think it’s very cool. With Imprint Smart Mapping™ it also can be programmed for multiple rooms and keep track of which have been cleaned and which have not. Pet parents can also forget about having to vacuum for months with CleanBase™ Automatic Dirt Disposal self-emptying bin, which is a huge plus for busy people. The Roomba s9+ has 40X the suction power vs other models, so it’s ideal for picking up pet hair. And it’s likely that this Roomba will become a new plaything or at least a curiosity for the household pup. $1,099 at iRobot. The new ‘J’ series starts at $649.99.

The SpotOn Virtual Fence Also Makes a Great Gift!

We all know that dogs are naturally meant to run and healthier when they can run off leash, but we need to keep them safe too. The SpotOn GPS-enabled collar enables you to set boundaries to keep your dog away from hazards like roads or neighbor’s yards while still allowing your pup to run free in the boundary space. It’s easy to set up with no buried wires or base station. You simply walk the perimeter of your yard to set the boundary. It’s also portable, and waterproof! You can set up boundaries at your mom’s house, vacation rental, campground, or really anywhere on Earth. Learn More.

Have you discovered an amazing, connected dog product we missed?
If so, tell us in the comments! 

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  • This is a lovely guide! Huge thank you to Jennifer Joyce for including us friends over at icalmpet.com, really happy to be featured along with these other quality products. Thanks again and happy holidays everyone!!!! <3

    Olivia Fromm

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