What makes SpotOn different from other wireless fencing systems?


Q&A with Sam, Customer Support Expert

There are so many wireless dog fences out there... Read on to find out what makes SpotOn different! 

SpotOn Fence is a GPS-based containment system all housed within a simple dog collar, making it perfectly portable no matter where your adventures take you. Unlike other containment systems, SpotOn: 

  •  Does NOT rely on buried wires or base stations. Say goodbye to costly installation, pricey repairs and the hassle of having to dig up your yard!
  • Allows you to create fences of any shape and nearly any size – at no additional cost! This includes fencing through areas you can’t walk through, like water and thick brush. Just use the Pause feature!
  • Uses a series of tones that warn your pup he’s approaching the boundary line before issuing a vibration and then an (optional and adjustable) static correction; other fences only provide one warning tone before issuing a mandatory static correction.
  • Includes smartphone management so you can get escape notifications, status updates, location tracking, and easy fence management all from the handy app.
  • Relies on four global navigation satellite systems so you can store up to 10-fences at a time! If you’re mapping under dense tree cover, simply turn on Forest Mode to increase GPS sensitivity.

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