Would Cloudy Weather or Storms Affect SpotOn's GPS Signal?


Q&A with Sung, VP of Engineering

Find out if the SpotOn system will work in rain or shine!

SpotOn uses GPS technology so you can create fences that are unaffected by weather, steep or rocky terrain, and power outages. Unlike satellite TV and radio, SpotOn GPS Fence’s connectivity penetrates through all weather conditions for a constant connection to four global navigation satellite networks (up to 30 satellites at a time!). This allows SpotOn to remain in constant communication when creating and activating your fences, which provides unparalleled accuracy. 

And since there are no wires, that also means no costly installation or pricey repairs. Unlike buried wire systems, SpotOn’s fence line is GPS and beams down from the sky instead of up from the earth so it works in any weather condition! It’s important to keep in mind that with traditional buried wire solutions, you may risk your dog escaping the yard due to lost signal… especially if you live in a colder climate. When snow drifts are higher than the signal field, the line of communication from the buried wire can’t properly penetrate through the snow to send a signal to your dog’s collar- so often times these traditional systems fail as a result. Here at SpotOn, we want to make sure your pup is safe no matter what the weather, so no need to worry about your dog escaping due to clouds, storms or snow. Our system has been tested to work in temperature conditions of 194ºF through -31ºF!

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