SpotOn GPS Fence: The Best Farm Dog Fence for Large Properties

With coverage ranging from ½ an acre to thousands of acres, SpotOn’s completely wireless virtual fence is the perfect customizable farm dog fence – no matter how big your property is.

No Boundary Too Big

Create a single fence or multiple custom-shaped fences covering ½ acre to 100,000+ acres, all for the same price.

Quick & Easy Setup

Pinpoint your location using just the collar and your smartphone and instantly generate fences through cutting-edge GPS technology.

Infinitely Customizable 

Build a dog fence for large areas through solid obstacles and create “Keep Out” zones to keep your dog away from off-limits areas. Custom fences in minutes make it perfect to virtually contain your dog during rotational grazing.

Customer Reviews

SpotOn GPS dog collar review - Oakley

Bill W.

“The largest benefit of the SpotOn system is the peace of mind. Oakley, our dog can go out as he likes without…

SpotOn GPS dog collar review - Moxie

Jennifer S.

“I wasn’t sure if it would work on our Great Pyrenees. She’s our guard dog so she needs to be loose but…

SpotOn GPS dog collar review - Tinto

Jill Z.

“We own 34 acres with woods, pasture and vineyard. Tinto, our 10 month old mixed…

SpotOn GPS dog collar review

Catherine S.

“Absolutely LOVE it!! Our pup is 7yrs old ~ he's a rambler! We've had to go looking for him numerous…


SpotOn GPS Technology: How We Designed the Best Farm Fence for Dogs

SpotOn’s GPS technology connects the tech in the collar, powered by the GPS antenna, to the smartphone app, putting virtual containment at your fingertips. It enables dog owners to build customized invisible boundaries through rough terrain, bodies of water, and even buildings where physical fencing or buried wire can’t go, making our containment system the best farm fence for dogs that roam large, rural properties. 

SpotOn fences are completely powered by GPS. Our patented True Location technology simultaneously receives and tracks signals from four navigation satellite constellations, ensuring that wherever you live, the SpotOn GPS Fence works. No cell service is required for containment, so no matter how rural your location, cell phone reception does not affect SpotOn’s performance! SpotOn’s patented True Location™ Technology also maintains accurate GPS performance at all times - even under heavy cover from trees, brush, or bushes.

Where traditional fencing requires costly and time-consuming fences or underground wiring installation, SpotOn GPS fence provides a cost-effective customizable solution for creating safe boundaries on large properties. You can also create multiple fenced areas and build “Keep Out” zones inside boundaries.


A Farm Dog Fence that Gives Them the Freedom They Deserve

SpotOn GPS dog fence for farms gives dogs the freedom to be dogs and owners the peace of mind to let them. Let your pup be a real farm dog while keeping them and your livestock, crops, and property safe!

Give your dog the freedom to live their life unleashed, without worrying about them getting into trouble. A simple and easy-to-install virtual fence, the SpotOn GPS containment system for large areas keeps your dog from bothering your livestock or digging up crops and vegetation. Or if you have an LGD, SpotOn gives your dog the freedom they need to protect their flock. 

Watch this review from Bill Costanzo, a Livestock Guardian Dog Research Associate II at Texas A&M Agrilife Research and Extension Center at San Angelo.

Take control of your property with SpotOn’s GPS dog fence for farms

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