Create electric dog fences of any shape and size

SpotOn Virtual Fence replaces buried wires and base stations with electric dog fences powered by GPS technology.

  • Customizable


    Create custom electric dog fences of unlimited shape and size—from .5 acres to 5,000 acres—if you can walk it, you can fence it.

  • Connected


    The only electric dog fence that lets you know your dog’s location, get escape notifications, and easy map management—all from your smartphone.

  • Portable


    Store up to 10 electric dog fences to use if you’re away for the weekend, exploring a local park, or moving to a new home.

Electric dog fence—reinvented

With SpotOn, the fence is powered by the collar so you pay one price no matter how big of an area you have to fence. Unlike traditional electric dog fences, there is no hardware to install or maintain, which means your SpotOn Virtual Fence cannot be severed by lawnmowers, affected by extreme temperatures, or covered by snow.

How SpotOn Virtual Fence measures up against traditional electric dog fences

How SpotOn Virtual Fence measures up against traditional electric dog fences How SpotOn Virtual Fence measures up against traditional electric dog fences mobile version

Which electric fence is best for your pup?

Dog playing in the water with SpotOn

We get it; your dog is your best friend. You want to give them the freedom to roam, but you want to keep them safe, too. Whether you’re trying to keep Fido away from a busy main road or far away from your neighbor’s 4th of July barbeque, one thing is for certain – you’re going to need some sort of containment solution.

There are a number of different types of containment solutions on the market, each with their own unique features. One of the more popular choices are buried-wire electric dog fences. These fences work by digging around the perimeter of your containment area and burying a length of wire. Your dog would wear a collar and receive a static correction when he got too close to the fence boundary.

With a traditional electric fence, you can lay wire to create a customized fence of any shape—but once the wire is placed, you’re not able to change the design. This solution works for lots of people, and can be a good option if you don’t plan on moving, traveling, or remodeling your landscape. This fence has downsides, too—the wire can be damaged by extreme weather or yard work, and maintenance may be costly.

If you’re looking for a less permanent and more portable solution, there are also wireless electric dog fences to consider. This type of fence works with an indoor “base station” which allows you to set a circular fence of a certain radius. If you wish to have a larger containment area, you may need to purchase additional base stations. As long as you have a power source available, you can take the base station with you if you move or travel.

But what if you want something you can take with you easily and set up in minutes? An electric dog fence that gives your pup the freedom to roam a large area, allows you to save maps for places you frequent—like mom’s house, the beach, or a dog park—and even has optional tracking capabilities, should Fido decide to run too far ahead? SpotOn Virtual Fence has all that and more.

User setting up SpotOn barrier

Electric fences are evolving, and SpotOn Virtual Fence is a GPS-based fence—the electric dog fence of the future. GPS-based fences are powered by satellites and eliminate the need for buried wires and base stations. They can be used anywhere there is a GPS signal.

SpotOn Virtual Fence allows you to create and save up to 10 different containment areas of almost any size and shape – that’s like having ten traditional electric fences for the price of one. While wireless fences have limited reach, and traditional electric fences charge per square foot, with SpotOn, you can create fences as small as half an acre, and as large as 5,000 acres at no additional cost.

SpotOn Virtual Fence is more than just a fence – it’s a containment solution like no other. With optional tracking added, you can see where your dog is at a moment’s notice, and even receive instant notifications if they breach the containment area.  And because we know that every second counts, our system updates the map every six seconds.

Although there are many different types of electric dog fence and they all vary in capability and price point, they all have one important thing in common: in order to get the best results, you must properly train your dog to understand and respect his boundaries. Visit SpotOn's training resources to learn more about training your pup to any style of wireless fence.

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