Ensuring your yard is right for SpotOn

Aerial view of a property with a virtual fence.

How to Make Sure Your Property is a Good Fit for SpotOn

Curious to know whether or not your dog will have enough room to roam with SpotOn? Typically, we recommend a half-acre or more for the most accurate boundaries.

However, with careful boundary planning you'll be able to make a reliable virtual fence for your dog. Here's how:

Make sure your fence is not too narrow.

The narrowest part of the area you plan to map is at least 80 feet wide. The SpotOn System works best when the property is at least 1/2 acre but can be situated on smaller lots depending on the property's layout.

Make sure your fence is not too close to buildings.

The area you plan to fence provides the dog at least 80-feet to roam at its narrowest location when mapping around home, garage, or barn. This is to ensure your dog has enough room to roam around these structures.

Make sure your fence is not too close to hazards.

The area you plan to fence is not too close to a danger area (such as a street). This will account for any slight shifts in the boundary which may occur due to variations in global navigation satellite system accuracy and performance (up to 10' in open areas and up to 15' in heavily wooded areas). Setting your perimeter at least 15' away from hazard areas ensures that, in the event of the occasional shift, your dog will remain contained in a safe area.


The image below shows the difference of a properly made fence that has a 15-feet span between the fence and the road and follows the above guidelines, versus an example of a fence that does not have enough room to roam.

 Enough room to roam vs. 
 Not provide enough room to roam
SpotOn fence examples: one that follows guidelines, versus one that does not.

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