Getting Started with SpotOn

We are so excited that you chose SpotOn to help contain your dog - congratulations on taking the first step to living life unleashed! To help you get started, below you’ll find a list of items to review before unleashing your dog in your first GPS fence.


1. Fit the collar to Your dog

Install static contact points (optional) and adjust the strap to fit snuggly around your dog’s neck so the points are touching the dog’s skin and you can fit one finger between the collar and your dog.

⚠️ I️MPORTANT: Trim excess strap with scissors.

2. Charge the collar

Connect the charger cable to the charging base. Place the collar in the charging base and push down with force to insure the collar contacts the charging points in the base.

The light will blink green for 10 seconds when charging. Charging takes about 90 minutes. Battery level will display in the app.

While charging, press the power button once for charge status. Blinking green means it’s still charging. Solid green indicates it’s fully charged.

3. Turn on the collar

The collar will turn on when fully seated in charging base.

To manually power on/off: press and hold the power button until the LED lights stop flashing (5-10 seconds).

4. Download the SpotOn GPS Fence app

Download the app and follow the instructions to create your fence and train your dog.

5. GPS initialization

Before you create a fence, take the collar outside for a few minutes to receive GPS signals. Once the app is connected to the collar (via Bluetooth) the app will display the number of GPS satellites it’s receiving and provide overall signal strength.

Create a Fence

It's easy to set up a fence with SpotOn. Watch this quick video or visit our FAQs for written instructions.

Train Your Dog

Training sessions are a great opportunity to spend time bonding with your dog and are designed to be fun. Training involves two 15-minute sessions each day over the course of 1-2; however, dogs are unique in temperament and learn at their own pace.

Open the app and follow the training props, or view our Training for videos and written instructions.

The Most Verified 5-Star ⭐ Reviews

"This has changed my life. I feel comfort knowing I can let my dog out and not have to worry about where she is. She took to the training right away. This is a hassle free fence system. Thank you for allowing my dog to be free and be a dog."

- Nicole O.
Shape Verified Buyer

"It only took one time for about 10 minutes to teach my puppy, Bandit, what happens when he goes too far. I use just the beeping and vibration. He's already got it figured and no matter what he turns around and goes back. Pretty awesome!"

- Shawn C.
Shape Verified Buyer

"This collar works perfectly. We have 10 acres with two "Keep Out Zones" for our garden areas. Our dog quickly learned the alert and warning tones and stays inside the virtual fence without needing the optional static correction."

- Jesse E.
Shape Verified Buyer


As a small business based 100% in the USA, we are one small team that handles new customer inquiries, technical support, as well as setup and training questions.

We’re available seven days a week from 9am to 6pm ET.

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Proudly Offering a FIVE-STAR GUARANTEE.

Five Star Guarantee Badge

SpotOn stands behind its products and has built our five-star guarantee so you can feel confident in your purchase and ensure it works for you.

90 Days Returns

We offer the lengthiest return policy among competitors! Our goal is to give you and your dog ample time to ensure SpotOn works for you.

1 Year Warranty

Covers manufacturing defects. View full policy here.

Accident Forgiveness

Dogs are dogs and accidents can happen. We offer a one-time, no-questions-asked refurbished warranty repair. If your collar falls off your dog on your property, we can help you locate it remotely. We offer a one-time refurbished replacement if it still can’t be found.

Free Dog Training

Trouble with training? We offer a free 30-minute virtual consultation with a SpotOn-certified trainer.


Frequently asked questions

Visit our robust Customer Support FAQs and explore some of our top questions below.