The world’s MOST innovative fence.

SpotOn's patented design and proprietary algorithms let you create GPS fences —
any size, any shape, anywhere.

So your dog is free to safely roam in the backyard and beyond.

  • Extreme<br>Accuracy


    SpotOn is the only system that communicates with up to 24 satellites across three global navigation satellite networks (GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo). This allows SpotOn to update your dog's location every tenth of a second and provide the most accurate fences.

  • Unparalleled Tracking

    Unparalleled Tracking

    SpotOn provides escape notifications if your dog leaves his fence and automatically tracks his location. Find him with driving or walking directions to within 10 feet—with updates every 6 seconds.

  • Patented <br>Technology


    SpotOn knows the direction your dog is traveling and if he is inside or outside the fence. Smart enough to know if your dog is leaving or returning, SpotOn never corrects a dog for coming home.

Advanced Engineering

With backgrounds in military and first-responder product development and manufacturing, we are used to building extremely complex products that work every time—because they have to.

We've also used that experience to bring you the smartest fencing system available so you don't have to worry about letting your dog do what he wants to do mostꟷ run free.

Our patented algorithms not only know when your dog is coming home but can also:

∙ Identify when your pup is indoors and automatically disable all warnings and corrections.

∙ Increase GPS sensitivity at the touch of a button with Forest Mode.

∙ Notify family members if your battery is running low or if your pup slips out of his fence.

How the Technology Works Together

Fences are created and maintained using GPS – you do not need cellular service to create and maintain SpotOn Fences. SpotOn uses GPS to communicate your dog's location and provide your dog audible feedback and the (optional) correction when he crosses the boundary. SpotOn uses cellular service to provide you feedback of your dog's location.

How the Technology Works Together
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