GPS Fence for Dogs with SpotOn True Location™ technology

SpotOn’s True Location™ technology tracks data from multiple satellite systems simultaneously and adjusts that data based on motion sensors in your dog’s collar. AI-enhanced GPS shows your dog’s true location, rather than relying on satellite data alone, for the most effective and convenient, gps fence for happier, fence-free dogs.

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    Most Accurate GPS

    SpotOn’s best-available GPS technology harnesses the power of three global satellite systems simultaneously—unlike other GPS fence devices who only access data from one satellite system at a time.

    With SpotOn, you get more accurate containment and greater freedom to go about your day, while your dog goes about theirs safe within the boundaries you set.

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    Containment is only effective with the ability to remove GPS' inherent limitations such as GPS drift, multipath signals, and interference.

    SpotOn’s patented technology pairs best-available GPS data with inertial sensors in your dog’s collar that track the trajectory, speed and acceleration of your dog, then uses Intelligent algorithms to predict your dog’s True Location™.

    SpotOn’s True Location technology pinpoints your dog more accurately than other systems to provide fence-free containment you can rely on.

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    Noise-resistant antenna

    Placed at the back of your dog’s neck to ensure an unobstructed view of the sky, SpotOn's antenna and receiver system has the highest noise immunity in the market.

    Combined with the best-available GPS and True Location Technology, SpotOn can can ignore GPS signals partially blocked by buildings or trees and typically pinpoint your dog’s location within three feet. So you get reliable boundaries whenever and wherever you need them.

How the tech works together

SpotOn puts dependable, next generation containment in the palm of your hand.

Create and use your fences using GPS (no cellular subscription needed). SpotOn relies GPS paired with True Location technology to communicate your dog's location and provide audible feedback and the (optional) correction to your dog if he crosses the boundary. Cellular is optional and is used to send your pup’s location to your phone.

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Patented design and proprietary algorithms let you create GPS fences, any size, and shape, anywhere

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