By signing up for (subscribing to) the Connectivity Service between the SpotOn collar and smartphone App you are accepting this Agreement and authorizing an automatic recurring payment to OnPoint Systems, LLC (“OPS”) through your credit, debit or PayPal account (the “Automatic Recurring Payment Method”). 


If payment of your Automatic Recurring Payment Method is declined, your subscription may be suspended and access to Website’s and Mobile App’s subscriber-only content may be denied until you provide accurate payment information and pay all past due amounts owed on your account. Your subscription will be suspended following (30) days without payment. OPS will make every attempt to resolve any payment issues before suspending your subscription or denying access to subscriber-only content. To prevent an unnecessary break in service, OPS bills one month in advance for all recurring charges. If payment issues cannot be resolved before the start date covered by the bill in question, OPS will notify you of your suspended service. The most current fee structure can be found on our website at OPS reserves the right to permanently terminate your subscription service (deactivate your device’s SIM card) if a payment has not been received for three (3) years.  Prior to such deactivation OPS will attempt to notify you at your last known phone number or email address and offer you the opportunity to maintain your SIM card viability for an additional 3 years, for a one-time fee.


You agree that any Automatic Recurring Payment Method authorization shall remain in effect until withdrawn by you in writing or cancelled by OPS. If a subscription is cancelled, refunds (if applicable and approved by OPS) are provided for the paid subscription period at the point when the subscription cancellation takes effect. The subscription will remain in effect until you provide a written notice of cancellation and OPS has successfully relayed such notice to our provider. Please allow OPS up to (10) calendar days for processing cancellation notices. A cancellation notice will not take effect in the event the account has a balance due. All balances must be paid in full, up through the date of cancellation, before a subscription may be cancelled. Under a month-to-month subscription, cancellation will occur as of the month immediately following the cancellation being processed.     

To cancel your subscription:

  1. Complete the Cancel My Subscription form at
  2. Include all required fields
  3. Hit Send!
  4. You will receive an email stating that your request has been received. If you do not receive a confirmation email within 24 hours, please contact us at
  5. Within 10 calendar days, you will receive a second email stating that your subscription service has been cancelled. Please keep this email for your records.
  6. Once the cancellation is processed, you will not have access to the subscriber-only web and mobile app content and tracking services will cease.


You may change the payment details of your Automatic Recurring Payment Method by visiting and selecting the “Returning User” Tab.


You may reactivate Connectivity Service between your SpotOn collar and smartphone app at any time. To request reactivation of the SpotOn Tracking Feature, the most current fee structure for the reactivation fee, and automatic recurring monthly payments, please contact the SpotOn Support Team at Please allow OPS up to (24) hours for reactivation to take effect.”


OPS reserves the right to suspend service in the event of misuse or investigation of misuse. During this suspension period, your Automatic Recurring Payment will be suspended. OPS does not take responsibility for any damages, injury, death, or liabilities due to the suspension of service. You are responsible for your pet and the product without regard to the status of the service.

Misuse may be defined as:

a) Use of the Product or Service outside of its intended, prescribed, or authorized use

b) Use for unlawful or fraudulent purposes

c) Any use that interferes with or disrupts the cellular network

d) Resale of the Service

e) Failure to make all required payments when due

f) An unauthorized modification of the Product or Service.


The service is not available for resale. Pricing, promotions, restrictions, and terms are subject to change and may be modified, or terminated at any time. We will provide you with advance notice of changes to any of these items prior to a change being made. You will have the option to accept or opt out of the service. Coverage and service are not available everywhere. You get a usage allowance for services provided. If you exceed the allowance, your service(s) may be restricted or terminated. OPS will notify you if you are at risk of exceeding your monthly allowance.