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Von Jakoba switches to SpotOn after testing the best GPS trackers for dogs

As if a young child and a pack of german shepherds weren’t enough to keep Ashley and her family busy, they recently introduced a new livestock guardian dog, Roman, to protect their 20 acre Oklahoma property.

Roman is an Estrela Mountain Dog that works to keep predators like bobcats and coyotes away, but also has an easy going personality with a good temperament, fitting right into family life when he’s not protecting the land.

Ashley was eager to find a way for Roman to be able to roam the entire property without worry.

‘We needed a solution to keep him contained other than a physical fence due to the amount of acreage we have.’


She tested all the best GPS trackers for dogs on the market and still wasn’t finding one solution that checked all of the boxes. Instead, she used multiple different collars and trackers which was getting inconvenient.

‘We used GPS trackers to know when he left, and an e-collar to call him back home. The issue was I wouldn’t be notified until 3-5 minutes later, and sometimes I was busy and just missed the notification.’

Frustrated with the results, Ashley continued her research and was introduced to GPS dog fences like SpotOn. She loved how SpotOn was a full e-fence containment system that could fill the gaps she experienced juggling trackers and e-collars in tandem.

Today, Roman has free range over the property and Ashley trusts the accuracy of SpotOn’s boundaries after a few short weeks - especially when she considers the expense of a traditional fence on her large property.

Among the wide range of SpotOn’s features and benefits, here are the ones that are most meaningful for Ashley.

1. Accurate Boundaries

Ashley finds that the boundaries she made when initially setting up her first fence continue to be “spot on” after over a month of consistent use.

‘The accuracy of the e-fence still amazes me. In the past with invisible fences, I’d have have trouble with delayed corrections or warning tones, which make it confusing for the dog.’

‘Their website says to expect a little drift, but I haven’t seen ours move at all yet. In that regards, it is similar to a physical fence.’

2. Dog-tough Collar

Roman is a swimmer and because SpotOn meets IP67 waterproof standards, there’s been no impact to the collar.

3. Alerts & Warnings

The SpotOn collar will first issue alert and warning tones as your dog nears a virtual fence boundary. This gives the dog opportunity to recognize the cue and respond to it, before it reaches the boundary and is issued a vibration and optional static correction.

‘You can set the optional static correction at a level from 1-30. This is a big range, so if you have a sensitive dog, you can set it at a low level.’

4. The App

With such a busy home life and after a less-than-ideal experience using trackers, Ashley was ready for a solution that didn’t feel like another household chore.

‘I am all about easy to use apps that are organized in a way that makes sense. The SpotOn App really is great! It shows all your dogs, the collar’s battery, location tracking, an inventory of your fences, FAQs and more.’
5. Tracking

Live tracking is an optional feature that you can get with a SpotOn subscription. Many enjoy SpotOn as-is but for Ashley, it’s a must-have.

 ‘Having a SpotOn subscription adds so much value to the collar. If Roman were to leave the boundary, I’m able to see his exact location as soon as I open the app. That is a HUGE improvement over the other trackers and a great feature if you’re on a lot of acreage!’
6. Battery Life

SpotOn lasts up to 22 hours. With livestock guardian dogs like Roman, there may not be an ideal or convenient time to remove the collar for charging, so Ashley recommends establishing a routine.

 ‘We just made it a habit to put it on the charger when we take it off Roman each evening. If we forget to charge one night, it’s not a big deal as it only takes a little over an hour to charge.’
7. Price

With 20 acres of land, a physical fence would be an incredible expense and also an imperfect solution, since a creek runs through her property. This made SpotOn an ideal solution for Ashley and her family.

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