How to Maximize Your SpotOn Collar Battery Life


Maximize your SpotOn collar battery life by...

Take your dog's SpotOn collar off when he or she comes indoors. Unlike a cellular device, a GPS device can not establish a connection indoors. Every time the dog moves with the collar, it will be constantly pinging the satellites looking for a connection. This constant activity can cause the battery to drain faster.

Fully charging the battery after each use—just plug the SpotOn collar in each night, as you would your smartphone. Charging only takes an hour or two! You’ll get up to 25 hours of runtime in containment mode.

Helpful Hint:  Don’t turn the collar off while charging. This will save your GPS fix and keep your fence active.

Conserving power by turning off tracking from your phone if you cannot immediately begin searching for your dog. It can be turned on when you're ready.

Battery life expectations

While SpotOn averages about 5 hours of runtime, this will fluctuate based on your dog's activity level. Whether you have energetic dogs that are always on the move, or a pup that would rather chill out near the house, here's what you can expect.

Which best describes your dog's activity?


                                                                                If your dog lounges out in the yard for long periods of time, you may experience slightly extended battery life as your collar only pings the GPS satellites when the dog moves around.  The less movement, the less information that needs travel back and forth.

Active dogs

If you have a very active dog you may see the battery drain faster. Why? Active dogs require more communication with the GPS satellites. Sending more information back and forth drains the battery.

Indoor dogs

If your dog is sleeping under a deck, in a barn, or wearing his collar indoors, your collar will lose connection to the GPS satellites. It will keep pinging the GPS satellites to reestablish connection and place your pup's location which drains the battery.

Wandering dogs

While in tracking mode, a fully charged battery will drain at a more rapid pace.. Again, this is because the your collar will be sending more information back and forth between the satellites, cellular towers, and your phone all of which contribute to draining the battery.

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