3.5 Acres of Woodland Adventure for this Lab/Keeshond Mix: Bean's Story


Bean is an energetic, people-loving rescue from Meredith, NH!

His story began when he was adopted from Canine Commitment. His doggy mom was rescued from LA while pregnant and later welcomed him into the world here in New Hampshire. Bean’s new forever family was looking for a medium sized dog to grow with the kids who were 8,4 and 4 at the time. As soon as the family got notice that the litter was ready for adoption, the whole family went down on Black Friday for a meet and greet. The kids got to play with the whole litter and picked Bean out of the bunch! Though his rescue name was Dean, the family lived off Bean Rd, and wanted to give him a new start.

Bean is a three-year-old Lab/ Keeshond mix who absolutely loves to chase any and all wildlife! Chipmunks, squirrels, moles – you name it, Bean is bolting through his 3.5 acres of fenced-in yard to chase them away. He doesn’t have much luck catching them, but does tend to keep them away from the house. The family actually appreciates this hobby of his since the chipmunks are known for doing a lot of damage in and around their retaining walls. This protective pup will chase anything that moves away pretty quickly, especially when the kids are outside - including a black bear that wandered into the yard while the kids were out front one morning!

Before SpotOn, Bean was always in the neighbor’s yard, getting into their chickens! He is known for having a very high prey-drive and definitely had intentions of bringing them home for dinner. All is well if the chickens are calm, however, but as soon as they freak out he will immediately jump to go after them.

“It was tough, he was always at the neighbors”

Also, Bean was restricted to a run at first. When his owners were trying to work at home, he would interrupt frequently to go out. Without a fence, that meant one of them had to be out with him at all times. This became increasingly inconvenient has he was beginning to grow older and became more curious, taking off to explore.

Now with SpotOn Virtual Fence, Bean’s family is relieved to be able to let him out when he wants, without having to worry. Neighbors often complement how he sits halfway down the driveway watching them, but never runs to them! They also found that this wireless solution would be best for their property since they have a lot of wetlands and woods.

“For us a buried wire, or physical fence around our property was going to be much more expensive. We have friends that watch our dog when we’re away- they have a “fence” there now as well. The collar was the golden ticket!” 

When Bean is hanging out outside, he enjoys spending his free time roaming the backwoods with his best doggy friend Tucker, the neighbor’s dog. His best bud will come and jump on the front door every morning to play (even though he’s not supposed to). All his pet parents have to say is “who’s there” and he gets so excited that he does his special dog dance with jumping pirouettes! The whole ordeal is a ridiculous display, but quite hilarious – especially when the UPS driver knows this and eggs him on through the glass door.

Together, Bean and Tucker can spend hours wandering and wrestling. SpotOn has been able to keep them safe and their owners worry-free – before the collar they used to roam deep in the woods, which was more problematic as they weren’t always great at finding their way home! The larger area has a lot of deer bedding as well, and his pawrents didn’t want him getting into trouble around that. Now, being trained to the system, Bean knows to stop at the boundary and stay in the yard.

Bean, having grown up with the kids, thinks he’s a human! When the kids are out playing in the yard, he’s happy to tag along and try to figure out what they are doing. They will frequently try to get him to find things, but his absolute favorite are sticks! He’ll even drag along logs from the wood pile. Bean isn’t picky though, pretty much any toy given to him becomes a fetch toy!

This adventurous pup has a lot to look forward to this summer! The family usually stays at a camp out on Rattlesnake Island, on Winnipesaukee. With the collar, Bean knows to stay close and enjoys his freedom swimming off the dock throughout the day!

“SpotOn has been a life changer for Bean and us. Makes it so much easier to live with a pet.”

Even back at home, the family has plans to spoil Bean with even more room to roam and expand his map – as if he already didn’t have enough at 3.5 acres! There are currently 13 acres of land not yet fenced that will eventually get tidied up and turned into multi-use trails, at which time they would add to his fence area.

When Bean gets tired after a long day of romping around, you can find him content to lay in the sun on the front porch. As he has gotten older, he’s figured out where he can lay down with good visibility so he can spot people at the end of the driveway or animals around the house. If Tucker hasn’t come over, he’ll even go wait where his canine companion normally comes through the woods to visit!

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